Recommendation: The Kingstone Bible: Volume 3 : The Ten Commandments

Please be advised that I received a review hardcopy of this book directly from Kingstone Media.


The Kingstone Bible: Volume 3: The Ten Commandments
From Kingstone Media

Art Ayris and Company at Kingstone have created another compelling adaptation of the Holy Scriptures in The Kingstone Bible Volume 3 : The Ten Commandments. Tracing from Moses’ birth through Joshua’s death, this volume in the ongoing The Kingstone BibleAnthology provides a fine overview of Israel’s journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, complete with the nation’s failures, hardships, and successes.

Through the persons of Moses and Joshua, this graphic novel powerfully explores the profound difficulty in balancing service to God and service to his people. The nation’s ongoing rebellion, Moses’ frustrations, the Lord’s many miracles, and Joshua’s important role as a successor (more on that later) are given space and attention, providing a dynamic picture of Judaism during this time.  Within the construct of this adaptation, one sees how much Israel truly needed to rely on the Lord throughout their journey and how the challenge of doing so took its toll on the national attitude time and time again. Within this context, one can understand why Moses is championed alongside the historical patriarchs of Israel, particularly given his direct communion with God.

Perhaps the greatest benefit the book provided me personally was the look and demeanor of Joshua. For some reason, Joshua has always been locked in my mind as a young man, a twenty-something who retained his youthfulness throughout the conquest of the Holy Land. In reality, of course, Joshua was an aged soldier and leader of men, a true champion of Israel’s history who had a relationship with God that was different than Moses’ but still sufficient for leading the people. Joshua was a real dude, and a solid general at that. It took this graphic novel to alter my mental picture of him, and I’m glad it did.

The Kingstone Bible, Volume 3 : The Ten Commandments is another strong work from Kingstone Media, certainly one worthy of a read, even for those familiar with the Narrative it covers.