Recommendation: “All My Love” by Trip Lee and “Dead Preacher” by Jackie Hill Perry

If you’ve been at the blog for any amount of time, you know I like hip-hop. Just recently I wrote a recommendation for LeCrae’s Anomaly, and I have previously also praised the work of Beautiful Eulogy.

Two recent songs have caught my attention, and I thought it worth my time to commend them to you, alongside some honorable mentions. The tracks I’ll be sharing today are especially beautiful due to their overall theme of redemption overcoming depravity and brokenness. A great many hip-hop songs focus on the latter, but few end with the hopeful outlook of the below ballads.

First I invite you to listen to Jackie Hill Perry’s “Dead Preacher”, a story that follows a pastor who is not all his congregation believes him to be. In fact, he’s quite the opposite.



Inasmuch as “Dead Preacher” introduced me to Jackie Hill Perry, my favorite song off her album is entitled, “Better”. That song was not available in full for embed/upload, but it has an amazing hook, and the intro by JGivens at the beginning is excellent as well. You can sample and download Jackie’s album, The Art of Joy, from Humble Beast Records.The second song I am commending to you today is “All My Love” by Trip Lee, from his album, Rise. This song has specific resonance for not only me but many men in my generation. The music offers an exceedingly catchy hook that echoed in my mind for days–not unlike the mistress in the song itself. While some online have posited that the song is about online dating, I could make a strong case that it is actually about pornography use. See what you think by listening.


BOTH OF THE ABOVE RESPECTIVE VIDEOS are the uploads and property of their respective Youtube Users.

A few other Christian Hip-hop songs to capture my ear recently are listed below. I recommend you check them out.

“I Ain’t Got An Answer” by Propaganda, from his album, Excellent
“Get Well Soon” by Braille, from his album, Weapon Aid
“Father Figure Skating” by Odd Thomas, from his album, The Divine Use of Animosity & Ridicule

And for fun, Foreknown’s quick jam, “#FootyPajamaPizzaDanceKaraokePartyGo!” from Ornithology