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Writing as a Creationist

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in Writing As Worship

I am a creationist. Now, I know that’s a loaded term, so let me provide two important qualifiers. First, when I claim “creationism” as a stance, I assert that God is the first and prime mover in the course of all things, but I also acknowledge that the manner in which he has moved is mysterious—so much so that it cannot be fully understood this side of eternity. I grant that. Second, the modern debate that concerns the age of this earth features concepts above my capacities to understand; and frankly, those I’ve tried to comprehend have not affected my view one way or the other. Regardless of the method or means, I hold God as responsible and brilliant in his execution of bringing reality outside himself into existence.

If the beginning of life occurred at a cosmic level that echoes itself through billions of years of expansion and minute changes over endless generations, then I believe the method to be breathtaking in its sophistication, inspiring in its patience, and stunning in its intricacy. If, however, God chose to take a shorter unit of time to speak each level of matter into an aged state, then I find the method immensely efficient and wonderfully simple. Each concept has its beautiful features, and I am sure that God chose the best one. I simply do not know what that was; and neither way reduces the truth at the heart of things.

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In God’s Image: Author : Ben Avery

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in In God's Image Interview Series, Interviews

Ben Avery is a versatile writer who has followed his dream since childhood. A truly talented and modest author, Ben has played in the big leagues with Zondervan and also served as an integral part of the continually growing and consistently excellent Kingstone Media (Ben wrote Book of God and Job, both of which I recommended).

Despite his busy life as a father and freelance contributor, Ben took the time to participate in my ongoing In God’s Image interview series, wherein I ask the same (or, at least, very similar) questions to creative types. Below he provides a wonderful picture of how the writer’s life may look: one “lives the dream”, but the work is hard, and things do not always work out like they would in one’s own mind. Fortunately for each of us, the author of our personal story knows best, and we can trust that difficulty now may be a great blessing in disguise.

Please join me in getting to know Ben Avery.

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On Writing as Worship: An Introduction

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Writing As Worship

In the coming months, I’ll be doing an ongoing series entitled, Writing as Worship, the first article of which will go up two weeks from now, on January 23. These articles will continue every two weeks thereafter (hopefully) until I wrap the series around fall.


The idea of Writing as Worship is simple, or at least it was until I actually tried writing this introduction. After four drafts, the same question persists: where do I begin? My answers have been wanting. I started with an anecdote from Chariots of Fire, quoting Eric Liddell’s famous, “when I run, I feel [God’s] pleasure” line. The analogy held true, but the telling fell to pieces. So I moved to something more clinical, as if I were opening a lecture series. “My intent is to explore two facets of the Christian writer’s life–his work and his worship–and how they intersect”–I know, I got bored just reading that. I figured the third time would be a charm if I turned in the opposite direction and went completely personal, explaining how I wrote once upon a time versus how I do now. All these were fine shots at an opening, but none hit the mark.

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New Content Coming from 3LC Publishing!

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Site Business

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the new blog of 3LC Publishing. As I mentioned at my prior web address, I’m now transitioning to blogging here directly; and while the learning curve is going to be steep, I am ready for the challenge and hopeful regarding my first real post of 2015, coming this Friday, January 9!

Please check back and be sure to stick with me this year. My prayer and intention is that this will be a place of encouragement and enjoyment throughout the months to come!

Thanks for reading,


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