Posts made in February, 2015

Revisiting Stronghold

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in STRONGHOLD

Few things are as terrifying as revisiting one’s own work, particularly after some distance from it.

I decided to pull a Bruce Wayne and confront this fear in 2015: I reread the release version of my first novel, Stronghold, which was self-published on May 28, 2013. After two weeks (around 8 hours total), I had plowed through the text, and I have to admit I was pleased. Inasmuch as that sounds arrogant, please bear with me.

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Writing Through the Walls

Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Writing As Worship

Well, this certainly did not take long.

After claiming that I would have a post every two weeks for my Writing as Worship series, I find myself breaking my word. As I type this, the time is 11:27 PM EST on the due date, and no fully drafted piece has been published. The reasons for this is quite simple: I hit a wall.

Now, granted, a hard-working writer breaks through walls; this is a key component of success. But here I am, now at 11:30 PM EST, with the wall yet erect, and my time ticking away.

Truth be told, I did try to scale it. I have multiple abandoned drafts to prove it. The issue is that none were fit for print (or digitally publish). Following the series’ introduction and initial full entry, I was at a bit of loss for where to go next. Frankly, I felt that that the creation piece covered a great deal of ground I intended to tackle in the one to follow it.

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