Writing Through the Walls

Well, this certainly did not take long.

After claiming that I would have a post every two weeks for my Writing as Worship series, I find myself breaking my word. As I type this, the time is 11:27 PM EST on the due date, and no fully drafted piece has been published. The reasons for this is quite simple: I hit a wall.

Now, granted, a hard-working writer breaks through walls; this is a key component of success. But here I am, now at 11:30 PM EST, with the wall yet erect, and my time ticking away.

Truth be told, I did try to scale it. I have multiple abandoned drafts to prove it. The issue is that none were fit for print (or digitally publish). Following the series’ introduction and initial full entry, I was at a bit of loss for where to go next. Frankly, I felt that that the creation piece covered a great deal of ground I intended to tackle in the one to follow it.

Thus, I was left in a predicament of finding the next logical step; but in doing so, I also found myself feeling it one step too far. Something needed to be said between—-and sadly it should be more than what you are reading now.

The missing piece is what screenwriters might call a “bridge scene”, a minor beat meant to connect from one story moment to another. Bridge scenes often hit the cutting room once the editors do their work, but their use in fulfilling the screenwriter’s need during the writing process should not be overlooked.

I do wish this were an appropriate bridge from the Creationist essay to the intended one about process, but alas this is just a holdover, a means to deliver my fortnightly entry, even if it’s altogether inadequate.

But nonetheless it is part of the process–these walls writers hit, these requirements to change course, these confounded intentions left unfulfilled.

Yet even in this, I worship; for I as I write listlessly and look for the apt topic, I am drawn to back to thanks for God. Why? Simply put, he never has this problem. Inasmuch as I set my lofty goals and so often fail to meet them, he never misses his mark. Despite my failure to stay on theme, he maintains his focus at all times. I look at myself and my work on this series, and I am frustrated at my human frailty and ineptitude. He lacks nothing. He does not falter. God creates. God sustains. God endures. And he does so perfectly.

While I still do not find this entry a capable connecting point between the two real articles in the series, it no less continues to prove my point: that writing can lead to and become worship. As I have written, I have thought of the act of creation, and in doing so I have been drawn to the ultimate Creator. Looking at him, I am grateful for his methods and his perfection in maintaining them; he appears more beautiful in the face of my shortcomings. Not coincidentally, the very act of writing about said shortcomings drew me to him–and low and behold it’s 11:55 PM EST, and I will keep my commitment to post, albeit not what I intended but an act of worship nonetheless.

That being said, perhaps I’m being too hard on myself; it’s possible I may have overcome the wall, after all.


Thanks for reading; here’s hoping I’ll have a more thoughtful addition to the series two weeks from now!