Posts made in March, 2015

What Are you Writing?

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in Writing As Worship

I often struggle with what to write and why. I sometimes wonder if others have difficulty with this to the same degree I do. Do they ask themselves why they tweet, comment on Facebook, or post a picture? Do they stop and question what value their action will have?

I inquire as to these things because I feel like I am not nearly as “active” on social media or “productive” on the blog as I should be, and these questions are often the reason. Frankly, my decision to often refrain or at least pause comes not from a desire to withdrawal or a fear of rejection but rather a very simple litmus: is this useful; will this benefit or hinder those who see it? More often than not, I find that my pithy remarks, knee-jerk responses, or banal comments would have no real value to those who encounter them. I’d just be making noise for its own sake (or vainglory, for that matter).

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On Joy and Creation

Posted by on Mar 6, 2015 in Writing As Worship

I’ve heard that the blank page is a terrifying thing to an author, not unlike a painter’s canvas. For me this is not the case. Frankly, the first draft never scares me; it’s the essential (and seemingly endless) revisions that keep me awake and stop me cold.

But that first draft—that initial act of putting passion to the page—well, that’s nothing to fear. I find it freeing and inviting, ever-so inviting. When I sit and stare at the screen or hold my pen at the paper, I have all manner of opportunity and freedom. I can simply soar, and I revel in that moment.

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