2015 First Quarter Update: Novels, A Children’s Book, and More

Hi All,

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Projects here at Living Life Loving Christ Publishing continue to move toward completion, albeit more slowly than I would prefer. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening.

  • Article writing has slowed, but I have a few outlets with whom I am in contact that will look at my work if I submit it, which is immensely encouraging. Next week, I have an exciting interview for a piece I am doing at Figures.com, and I hope it will be live on that site before month end. Meanwhile, the frequency of posts here on the blog have diminished due to the time I’ve been spending on other major projects (see below), but I am trying to get at least one  Writing as Worship piece published every other week.
  • On the children’s book front, I completed my first treatment for “Franklin Finnigan the Fiddlin’ Frog”, and my wife felt it was pretty good overall. I did half in prose and half in rhyme, and she preferred the latter style—-a development I find both exciting and daunting. Rhyme can get rough. I am hoping to have the first draft, which will break down the story by page layout and general rhyme scheme, done by end of April.
  • Of course, that may get waylaid by the two major novel projects on which I am working: To Retreat from Romance and a revised edition of Stronghold (to accompany the release of the long-promised study guide).
  • To Retreat from Romance is in its final, pre-proof draft, and I am awaiting some additional feedback before going at it with a fine tooth comb. I am happy with it as it stands, but I am sure one last pass will reveal some errors.
  • However, I am struggling with Stronghold. Frankly, I have found a major story issue, but altering it may change the book to such a degree that it will need a new ISBN. I am debating whether or not to do this, and it’s a tough call. The sequence in question contains some cool concepts and recovery ideas, but it is not essential and could be condensed. Not sure where I am going to land on whether to commit to the overhaul or leave it as is; in the interim, I am correcting a few formatting errors and typos to ensure that work toward the next edition continues.
  • I am also working on the aforementioned short study guides to accompany each work. Once finished, each guide will be available on the site in PDF format.
  • I’ve been working on an ancillary project on FLICKR as well, in order to become a part of the Lego community there. This has been relatively fruitless so far, but we will see how it develops. I knew it would be a year-long commitment, and I’ll keep you in the loop on how it’s going throughout the year.
  • My work with X3church also continues, though no longer as a blog contributor. I am now not only facilitating my own group but also working with incoming group leaders, as we look to expand the X3Groups program to an even larger extent over the coming year.
  • I continue to look toward this year’s National Novel Write Month with great anticipation, and I have been continuing the pre-writing process for the fantasy novel I intend to draft this year!

Well, that’s it for the first quarter update. Here’s hoping that I’ll have exciting news about release dates and completed study guides in July! For now, thank you again always for stopping by the blog and offering your continued encouragement!