2015 Second Quarter Update: Articles, Novels, Twitter, and More


Hi All,

Thank you for continuing to follow my progress here at 3LC.  Gotta tell you; it’s been slow, but slow-and-steady wins the race, right?

  • Article writing flashed in a pan. In the spring, I had the privilege of visiting a local Toy Company, BrickWarriors, and Figures.com published my interview with their founder. Plus, I wrote this little doozy about my collecting habits shifting to Lego.
  • I have finally started launching my “Tour of Middle Earth” Lego photo project on FLICKR. So far, it’s been fun, and we have a great deal of the journey yet to go.
  • In light of my post last week, I’ve been promoting some of my favorite podcasts and artists on Twitter. My hope is to develop the habit of sharing another person’s platform or project each day of the workweek.
  • On the children’s book front, rewrites on “Franklin Finnigan the Fiddlin’ Frog” have halted. Here’s to rekindled and renewed efforts this month to have the second draft finished by August 1st.
  • Meanwhile, work on my two major projects has continued strongly. I am almost done the pre-proof edit of To Retreat from Romance as well as a revised edition of Stronghold (to accompany the release of the long-promised study guide).
    • To Retreat from Romance is now on deck to be released before 2016, and I am ecstatic.
    • Stronghold is headed for a complete revised edition (you may recall, I was debating this in April). A good friend and mentor told me that a major retooling might be worth it given that only 200 folks have read the first. Taking his advice, I’ve decided to push forward full throttle.
    • Study Guides for each are also still planned.
  • X3church group leadership continues to go well; and by summer’s end, we may have 3 new leaders in my zone!
  • National Novel Write Month is coming, and it will be November before I blink. I am still outlining my project, and I am looking forward to putting it on the page.
  • Also this fall, I’ll be participating in Creations for Charity once again. Ideas are already brimming, and I will share them with you HERE once they are finished.

All that being said, I am feeling good as I move into Q3! Thanks again for visiting!