Because I Fail to Provide Content…

…I am going to direct you all elsewhere, to folks who are getting it done.

Is this a lazy way to post? Well, yes, but not as lazy as posting nothing. Truth be told, I am still working on the revised version of Stronghold as well as the latest draft of To Retreat From Romance, but overall my mental energies outside of the office (and to some extent, in it) have been spent on eBay. I am flipping a haul of LEGO DUDES to cover some costs following the loss of my wife’s income, and my writing has suffered as a result. I apologize. I am getting a better handle on the sales workload, and I should be running more smoothly come September.

Fortunately, the body of Christ has many parts, some of which are producing great regular content.

So there you have it, my friends. I may not be getting the goods out to everyone (although I have been keeping up my FLICKR series, Tour of Middle Earth), but brothers and sisters across the country are still making it happen. Please check out the links and support some great great artists, writers, and fellow creators.