For those who’ve known me (or my work) for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me talk about things like personal strategy, seasonal goals, and day-to-day life management. These are not just buzz words to me; they are essential tools for a life well-lived—-at least my life, well-lived. I understand that an individual can have seasons of survival—-times when personal hardship have left someone just trying to “get through” each passing minute. I’ve had more than my fair share of these. When the clouds begin to break, however, one has the ability to look ahead toward what might be. Rarely is a better season of life created by sheer force of will. Sometimes, we must dig in our heals, break a sweat, and fight for something more, often against our own poor habits or base tendencies. Below I’m sharing my personal goal set for the coming 3 months, not to boast of all I hope to do but, rather, to show how improvement-based living might look.


In “Fall” of 2015 (Labor Day, Monday Sept 7, to Saturday, December 5),  I hope to increase in strength, wisdom, and diligence in order to better focus my soul toward Christ, my eyes toward others, and my efforts toward the kingdom. Additionally, I desire to complete several projects on which I have been working throughout the course of 2015.

———————————CONCERNS: ———————————

 • Satan regularly attacks my joy. When he does so, I am less capable of love and less affective when leading.

• Several writing projects I have on deck to complete in 2015 are still unfinished.

• My prayer life primarily revolves around me, and I desire to develop new habits of focusing far more often outside myself toward others. 

• I find myself trapped in Negative Feedback Loops, wherein I retreat to brooding and fail to see my value as a Creation of God and Child in his kingdom.

• While some aspects of my household’s current financial and professional position are not in my control, other aspects are and, as such, demand attention: these include searching for a new job and refining spending habits. [NOTE: sharing that one is looking for a new job is not something one should broadcast, but my employer is aware of my search, so I am giving myself a pass here]. 

—————————GOALS OVER THE SEASON:——————

• Push through fitness plateau by doing new morning exercises, plus mid-day and evening sets (200+, M-Sa)

• Develop a “toolkit” to combat internal negative narratives of failure and self-loathing. Identify 12 triggers for negative emotional feedback loop (envy, greed, malcontentedness, etc.) Identify 2-3 escape strategies per trigger.

• Find and Memorize Scriptures that will defend against an abusive inner monologue and Satan’s attacks. 

• Find an accountability partner to avoid an emotional spiral.

• Complete previously-outlined, ongoing writing projects intended for release by year end (listed on personal writing log): National Novel Write Month 3, Stronghold (revised), To Retreat From Romance, Study Guides, Jon Cavey Sermons. 

• Draw local fellowship of friends into more conversations on spiritual matters.

• Take consistent, tangible steps toward outlining career path and changing jobs by outlining interests, skills, and industries.

• Develop the habit of firstfruits by giving the Sunday following each, bi-weekly Friday payday

• Clear excess collectibles inventory—freeing up space and earning additional income (savings/Special purpose)

• Catalog daily activity to find areas of both strength and weakness. 

———————————DAILY (M-F)———————————

• 200 reps over course of day working 3 major groups: back, core, pecs (133% of prior season)

• Prayer for a specific member of each X3 Group in which I am involved (zone and group) throughout the day, in addition to fielding ad-hoc prayer requests.

• Prayer for a specific friend/family member locally and another abroad.

• Input above into personal prayer journal

• Tweet another creator/site/ministry/artist (Draw attention to another’s mission)

• IN NOVEMBER: Work on draft for National Novel Write Month

• Review Job Listings. List 1 Job that you could/would enjoy doing.


• BI-WEEKLY : Complete extended 1/2 hour workout.  


• Write a complimentary/encouraging email to a person I love.

• Complete Check-in with accountability partner

• post on Blog (article of choice)

• draft 1 book outline in THE TRUTH MOVES Brand Project

• Apply for at least 1 found job (if Applicable)

• Review trigger for negative emotional feedback loop (envy, greed, malcontentedness, etc.) and ADD an additional one until reaching twelve. Identify 2-3 escape strategies per trigger.


• BI-MONTHLY Give Sunday after Pay is received.

• Identify 1 passage of Scripture to memorize in order to protect joy.

•List 25 items on eBay

• Assess Toolkit for positive reinforcement.

When I begin the winter season, Lord-willing, I will have a greater sense of worth in Christ and a skillset to better defend my joy when the devil accuses and condemns me. I hope to enjoy the satisfaction of having completed the writing task set on which I have been working and better understand my career intentions while also being en route to pursuing them. I intend to have developed strong habits of consistent, focused concerned for others over and above myself.

Please join me all season as I pursue this endeavor!