How Does This Not Exist?

I’ve been listening to the Sci-Fi Christian’s Excavating the X-Files Podcast Series, and I had an idea for a show that I am kind of shocked does not exist…

X-Files meets the Catholic Church,

The Church is known for investigating events such as possible demonic possessions or appearances of holy persons, so we’re halfway there. The breadth of possible events that could occur as a result of the Judeo-Christian worldview would be great fodder for a program, whether it feature “Freak of The Week” episodes like supposed miraculous event and those who claim to be reincarnated saints OR serialized stories about uncovering conspiracies and grander evils. The catch is that the investigative team includes a priest and nun, both of whom have taken vows of chastity and yet are thrown into all manner of situations that bring them closer together and cause them to fall in love (or at least, danger-induced proximity infatuation). Also, as they are both believers, they can have divergent opinions about which occurrences are real or not, and the audience may find themselves agreeing with a different character from show to show.

Further, you could explore cultural topics on which the church has taken a stand as B-Line and C-Line stories. If the show is equally respectful of the church but also open-ended in terms of the mystery and what is or is not a spiritual occurrence. The series could very easily run for the usual 88 episodes to qualify for syndication and, given the right cast, could actually hit various demographics.

I think it could work. And should work. And I should be on the writing team (but not run the show). But don’t call it something silly like “The Vatican Files” or “V-Files”. Call it: Testimonies: Fear and Trembling (referencing Philippians 2:12). Like it? Email me [email protected]

(Also, I am sure this show does exist somehow/somewhere, but I’ve never seen it. My version needs a unique twist…maybe it’s a period piece, or the priest has a pet wolf, or the nun has an eye-patch [just kidding…or am I])