Monthly Post: I’m Pretty Lousy at Blogging.

As I exit the fall season and enter winter, I’ve been looking at my strengths—those things toward which I am naturally inclined or which I can do well. In an unironic twist, I have realized blogging is not one of them. In fact, doing something daily for an extended period of time really is not in my wheelhouse, regardless of how good it is for me.

Maybe that’s why it’s so important.

At least it’s what yielded real dividends—daily exercise, daily time in the Bible, daily listening to sermons, and daily assessing a task set. But I am lousy at it; and frankly, a blog needs a certain level of consistent content to be worth following (or so I’m told).

In another unsurprising turn, I’m finding I’m not much of a blog reader, which should tell me something about my being a shoddy blog writer. You’d think I’d have realized this years ago, but no–I have a blind spot for blindspots.

Why am I sharing this now? Well, because I don’t know what I am going to do with this blog (or site for that matter) in the coming year. Frankly, I don’t know what I’m doing as I head into 2016. As far as writing, career, what have you…I’m basically at a point in life where I am literally praying to the Lord, “Show me the desires of my heart; show me what you would have me do; show me what you’ve made me to do!” Because I am having a hard time figuring these matters on my own. I’m not sure what my next move or project should be, but I know that I will do well living listlessly.

If you’re reading, please pray that the Lord would provide me with some semblance of direction as I move into the next annual cycle. I need it.

Thanks in advance, and as always, for reading,


PS – Have you ever had a thought you find kind of brilliant, then go to blog about it and realize what you’ve written is not related to your apparent insight, and in fact, you can no longer remember what that insight was? Yeah, that just happened. The above is still true, though, so I’ll let it ride.