Not sure what happened. I was keeping it kool-and-the-gang about this new Star Wars flic for 15 months.

Yeah, I am going a day before it “officially opens”, and sure it is the first new live-action Star Wars film in ten years; but I am not a huge JJ Abrams fan, so I figured, “it’ll be fine; not great but good.” Plus, they confirmed Lando would not be in it, so I was already kinda disappointed. I had tempered my expectations.

But then I got on the bus after work, and I don’t know how or why, but something inside me went bananas.

I started sending texts like this:

“Oh man….workday is done…I am starting to get antsy-pants….oh man. New Star Wars. Gotta keep expectations in check. It’s just JJ Abrams…but John Boyega tho…and chewy…oh man. Oh man!!!! Too excited!!!!!!!!”

And this:

“…I can’t handle it. I am getting so jazzed all of the sudden! What’s wrong with me!!!!! Aaaaaah!!!! Chewbecca!!”

I can’t remember the last time this happened to me before a film (maybe DARK KNIGHT RISES). All I know is that the showing starts in less than three hours, and I am too excited.

I’ll be sure to post my thoughts after!

Thanks for reading; I know this was a bizarre post.