Recommendation: Beginnings by Steve Wiens

From NavPress
Written by Steve Wiens
*PLEASE NOTE: I received a physical copy of this book to review for the publisher.

They awake the same way each morning—in a haze of gray. The hours they sleep do not matter, nor does the weather outdoors. The alarm sounds; their eyes open; they leave the warmth of their bed and fight—they fight—just to get themselves started. These are our neighbors; these are our relatives. Maybe this is us.

We find ourselves in these hard times, these times where the living itself is a struggle, and we hope for renewal, newness. A new start.

A beginning.

Steve Wiens believes this is possible for any of us—for all of us—again and again. In fact, he believes that the very days of Creation assure us of this fact. He believes that with each new movement of the creation narrative, the Lord was revealing a new hope, a new facet of our human experience. Wiens looks into the original text and draws from it a fresh, vibrant interpretation that calls forth hope and a divine promise against the sadness, against the monsters, against the pain and peril.

Wiens’ strength lies not only in the constantly encouraging substance of his work but his delivery, which is lyrical yet accessible, simple but poetic. Wiens weaves personal stories throughout his thematic exploration, providing context and application for all he presents. This allows for a digestible but full experience, one that leaves the reader feeling far better than he or she did before entering the text.

Life moves in seasons—the vibrant summer, the hope of spring, and the biting cold of winter. Steve Wiens understands this; he believes God built us to engage it, to endure it, and to emerge even stronger, time and time again. When a person finds himself in those difficult spaces, when it seems impossible just to face the day, he can recall that new beginnings are coming. Life moves in seasons, but all seasons change. Knowing this allows us to savor the good and endure the bad; and that is something for which we can be thankful, in whatever season we find ourselves.


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