TOY STORIES: Micro Machines from Past Fast Food Givesways? Yup

So, here’s some random fun.

Back in the fall, a buddy of mine gave me a Tatooine fast food promotional planet, inspired by the 1999 release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. When one presses the button on the front of the model, the toy opens, and two micro figures move inside as if they are dueling.

My mind immediately wondered, “how can I get those figures out of there?” And it didn’t take long to find an answer.


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It’s been a long time since I did any real customizing that altered a collectible past the point if no return, but I don’t think anyone will lament the casualties in this case.

Above was the first run, and below I have pictures the other two: Corscant and Naboo. I finished both in about 30 minutes total. Here’s a rundown of the steps:

Step 1 :
Open planet. Let the play feature runs its course (5-10 seconds).

Step 2 : Use screwdriver to pop Bubble from planet base. The goal is to pop it without breaking the model, so you still can use the planet for display. (depending on skill/strength 1-5 minutes)

Step 3 : Remove figures with either an exact-o knife, pliers, or other tool. Essentially you are just breaking the plastic connection holding the figures in place on the play function. (2-5 minutes)

Step 4 : If necessary, file/sand the bottom of the figures to create a smooth surface so figure will stand. (2-5 minutes)

Step 5 : Add to micro figure collection and ENJOY!!! (Times vary).

CORUSCANT Figures: Palaptine, Senate appearance Amidala

   (Click to enlarge)
NABOO Figures: Qui-gon & Obi-wan, Sabres-lit, no cloaks. Darth Maul.   

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Are these going to be the best entries in your collection? Nope! But they’ll be nice, unique editions; plus, the exteriors of the planets can still be displayed. Pretty cool.