Well, Here We Go

For a great part of my life, I thought water was a given. I thought everyone on the planet had the same access to it that I did in my middle class suburban home. I was wrong.

For years, I’ve known that water access has been an issue across the globe, even in parts of the United States where it’s assumed every home has a working faucet and hot shower.

I don’t have any macrocosmic solutions, but I can do something. We can do something. Together.

This is the first post of many on the topic. For an initial look at the journey ahead, please click here.

Oh, and two things:

First, forgive the picture; I’m trying to find something more appropriate.

Second, the “Suggested Donation” is not the real suggested donation; any and every little bit helps; it’s a system issue that the total project amount is listed (trying to fix that).

Thanks for reading and checking it out!