TODAY I turn 34.

Today, I turn 34. The question is, am I where I thought I was going to be?


No. And that’s a bottom line with which I live, day in and day out.

I’m not the sci-fi fantasy heir-apparent to George Lucas, …

Or a professional in the film industry, …

Or even working in a related creative field …

Or in the best shape of my life.

If I asked my 24-year old self on this day where I would be a decade in the future, my present life is not the picture I’d paint.


I’m not in horrible shape. 

And I’m still writing, on the side, with one novel finished and another in revisions.
I’m also getting articles published weekly.
I’m essentially running my own toy store.
And I’m active in ministry (plus, trying to get a water well built overseas).

More importantly, I’m a husband and father, providing for my family and due to celebrate ten years of marriage in August with a wonderful wife (who has also proven to be an amazing mother to our newborn son).
And we are in the process of purchasing of our first home this July.

And I’m also surrounded by  loving Family and Friends.

And at the center of it all, I awaken every day in communion with my Savior Jesus Christ in Heaven,  the author of life who is telling an infinite story of eternal significance.

So, no, I’m not where I thought I’d be; and frankly, that’s probably a really, really good thing. My life is pretty great these days, and I am reminded of it, each and every morning, when I look upon my sleeping my wife and son, when I catch the view overlooking the subdivision near us, when I do my daily Bible reading and prayer on the bus, when I laugh with those around me, and when I carry peace about the present state of where I am and what I’m pursuing.

34 years and here I am, feeling blessed, and looking forward to what’s in store in the year to come.

Thanks for reading,