UPDATES: Q2 2016

What’s been happening?

There’s a bit, and it’s late. Here’s a rundown:

Life with Landon. Over 90 days have passed since the birth of my son. He becomes more wonderful every day. He’s now making more noises and facial expressions; he smiles often and follows us with his eyes. He’s the best; I adore him. And my wife; my goodness, my wife is a beautiful, strong woman.

THE GIFT OF WATER PROJECT continues to move forward and has crossed the $2500 mark. I am aiming for $15,000 by May 2017, and I will continue my personal efforts both fundraising and Selling on that eBay in order to get a well built via World Vision.

Writing! Writing! Writing!

3LCpublishing.com has now essentially become CJStunkard.com. Bottom Line: no one really knew what “3LC” was (it stood for Living Life Loving Christ, 3 “L’s” and “C”), and I was told that people like to connect with people, not publishing imprints, so using my name just works better moving forward, because I am doing a lot of writing these days. Below are the Bullet points, just to keep things quick.

  • ARTICLES: Though my blog has been weak, a video game blog run by my buddies Dean and Chris was willing to run several articles I wrote in the spring for their site, Gaming with Swag. For all the articles, click this handy link!
  • STRONGHOLD: I am more than halfway through the second edition of Stronghold and still hoping for a late 2016 release. The new version is less stilted and much shorter; it’s a better book, plain and simple.
  • To Retreat from Romance: The cover artist and I are meeting next week to brainstorm the concept art, and she will go to work on it while I make revisions based on her feedback. Again, by end of year I hope to have this available to you all.
  • CHILDREN’S CARTOON: Feedback from varied sources over the last few months has gotten me interested in writing for Children’s TV. It’s a realm I had not considered previously, but I think it will be right in my wheelhouse. Pre-writing now!
  • CHILDREN’S BOOK: Along those same lines, I am still hoping to finish the first draft of my children’s book by year end.

So, there you have it. That’s what’s up with me. If you are on social media, let’s connect. I’m currently on Instagram, LetterboxdFlickrTwitter, always as CJstunkard.

Thanks for stopping by!