3k Down, 12k To Go!

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Hi all,

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you are likely aware that in May of 2016, I created a registry raising funds for a Deep Water Well through World Vision. The registry will remain open for one year, and the cost to fund this sustainable source of water for a local community: $15,000.

Sounds daunting, right?

For any one household it may be (or, at least for ours, it is), but for a community of givers, $15,000 is an achievable number that could be reached in a matter of months. When you take a moment to break down the numbers, they are not only manageable but somewhat shocking in their attainability.

 $15K is our total, but we’ve crossed the 3K mark and have just under $12k to raise. Let’s break that down by 25, 50, and 100 contributing households.

  • If 25 contributing households were willing to donate, the amount needed per household would be: $480
  • If 50 households contributed: $240
  • If 100 households contributed: $120

Yes, if just 50 households gave $240 each to the registry, we’d hit $12,000. That is astonishing to me. 50 households can make an enormous difference! A relatively small number of donors can make a huge improvement in another community’s life. And how wonderful of an improvement is sustainable, available water? We here in the west use it constantly every single day.

But you may be saying, “Let’s say 100 households can help, that’s still $120 each, and that’s a lot of money!” Well, for some of us, that’s true. It IS a lot of money. But there’s likely plenty of paychecks coming our respective ways between now and May 2017. So, what if you spread the above contributions over 4 installments?

  • For the 25 contributing households, the amount needed per household per month would be: $120
  • If 50 households contributed: $60
  • If 100 households contributed: $30

$30 is skipping two frappachinoes and a date night at Red Robin. We could all afford to do that for four months to help a community gain access to clean water for two decades, right? For my Christian brothers and sisters out there, $30 a month could be an easy offering above your tithe or an incremental step toward hitting a tithing goal of 10%.

So, there’s the pitch. Whose gonna swing and knock it out of the park? You can give any amount and be part of this, no preset tiers; you input whatever amount you choose!

If you do, please email me and let me know. Unfortunately, the way I originally created the page, it does not allow me to see the names of individual donors, so please, please, please, if you give, let me know!!!