Are Things Going Well?

me and my buddy , tired as usual…

As I look toward the end of 2016, I continue to grow more in awe of God’s work in our household. Day-to-day, we continually experience  immense blessings, even and especially during the hard times. We’ve had a fair number of those recently. Some, like my wife’s having gallbladder surgery, are fit-to-print on the blog. Others aren’t (Baptists might refer to them as “unspoken” prayer requests).

Regardless of the challenges that have come and the difficulty we’ve had navigating them, one thing has remained steadfast and clear: we place our hope in Christ, and we endure.

Do we get everything we want? No.
Do things always go as we would like? Certainly not.
But that is okay. In fact, it’s wonderful. For as we face the challenges we see on the horizon and handle others that come unexpectedly, the Lord’s faithfulness continues, and our faith grows. As each new issue arises, the Lord continues to give us patience with one another, brings help to our door, and creates opportunity for our flourishing by giving us rest when we most need it.

We’ve had sleepless nights and tears; we’ve fallen to our knees in prayer. We’ve spoken of fear and increased need; we’ve embraced pain and joy. We’ve grown closer to God independently and as a household, and we’ve grown closer to one another as a result.

Are things going well? Yes. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy.

Marriage, Parenthood, and living well are hard, but as Tom Hanks’ character Jimmy Dugan reminded us all in A League of their Own, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t, hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”

Funny thing: Today, I was intending to write about the Gift of Water Well Project. I wanted to talk about how “for all our troubles and hardships, at least we have water,a resource we all too often take for granted”, but I got all focused on our situation and what God is doing within our 4 walls. That’s human nature, I suppose.

But I do not want to end this post there.  As of this morning,  the Well is at $3,650. I want to raise $15,000 by May 2017. I continue to hope, to believe, and to request that others will come alongside me and help make this vision come to life. Would you consider giving today? You can determine the amount, and every little bit helps. Giving is anonymous under the set-up, so you can keep secret in the shadows or shoot me an e-mail to let me know you’ve joined the mission.

Please consider giving; I would greatly value your partnering with me on this!