A Glass Half Full

The Well Half Full

As of Sunday, February 5, 2017, The Gift of Water project has crossed the halfway marker. The Deep Water well which requires a $15,000 investment according to World Vision now has $7,550.00 in funding.

And the registry closes in less than 90 days.

I’d be lying if I said I had no doubt it will be fully funded. an additional $7,450.00 in 80 days means that over $90.00 per day on average would be necessary to reach the goal. That’s no small things, not in my social circle anyway.

But 80 days is a fair amount of time. It’s enough time for a person’s diet and work regime to knock down their cholesterol, burn a dozen pounds, and skim inches from their waste. It’s nearly the amount of time from start date to present at my new job, and I’m considered fairly well-trained for production. What I mean to say is this: 80 days, well used, can alter a life, set a new course, or become competent at a complex task.

So, yeah, the registry closes in less than 90 days.

But that’s a whole lot of time. =)

On top of that, I just wanted to share a few stats from the well project. Now, I’ve had a handful of anonymous donors, so these number represent the highest possible number of contributors.


10 households and 2 business have contributed to date. On average, that’s just over $625.00 per donor.

The Gift of Water project has only received 25 donations. $7,500 over 25 donations means that each donation is an average of $300.

The Git of Water Project has been live around 9 months. So that means each donor has given approximately $70 per month (which is less than our internet bill, by the way).

$70 a month, over 9 months, across 12 unique donors = $7,560.

Just 12 donors; just $70 a month and HALF of a deep water well that will benefit a whole community is funded. 12 donors at a nominal sacrifice are halfway to changing a community.

THAT. is. stunning. Stunning.

And it makes me wonder what could be accomplished if 50 unique donors decided to sacrifice $70 a month for a year. Quick aggregrate: $42,000. That’s two fully funded wells and a third at 80% funding. That is tangible change, to real communities in need, thanks to just 50 unique donors.

Amazing. What good could be done If we could give a little more of our comfort? Others could have far more access to basic needs we completely take for granted. It’s staggering. It’s thought-provoking. It makes me very thankful for the project’s 12 donors; it makes me very grateful to have this opportunity.

As of now, the registry has only been able to take online payments, and I know a number of potential donors have been unable to participate as a result. I’m working to resolve this; but even so, $7,550 via online only donations is exciting. It means that participation is limited to only a single tool. I wonder what’ll happen if more ways emerge.

We still have 80 days to see.

 Thanks for reading,

Other items of note this week: I have a new wave of Marvel Legends and Lord of the Rings figures up for auction, plus several new items will go live this weekend.
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