Another Week … And A Repeated Exhortation

Catalogued inventory for eBay, to further fund the well and other endeavors.

It’s hard to believe another seven days have passed, and I am doing another weekly post. I feel as if I just completed the last one. Life is like that these days. I already discussed as much last week and mentioned the busy-ness of this current season in other posts as well.

Yes, life is passing quickly and full of things to do. This week, I’m going to keep things very short and simple (well, to the degree I’m able anyway). In a sense, I’ll be repeating myself from last week, but some things bear repeating.

So I’ll just ask exhort you all again: Stay the course, be kind, and give encouragement when and where you are able. That is really what’s on my heart and mind as this week closes.

This week I’ve been put on a project at my job, and it’s been immensely challenging; however, my colleagues and managers have been encouraging; in fact, they have been far more charitable toward me than I have been toward myself.  They have made me believe that I can do something I thought was far beyond me, and each of them played a part in that.

The Gift of Water well project is nearing the 60-day-until-closing mark, and I will admit I  am carrying the burden of its being unfunded daily. Fortunately, this week the well has had three donations; and since no one has come forward, I am treating them as unique individuals donating to the cause. That makes sixteen unique bidders at present. Again, kindness and encouragement, a little each day, helped get me through this week.

Of course, I’ve also had a handful of other blessings. Our tax preparer completed our return and the result was better than expected. If you can believe it, I had prayed that the Lord would allow the outcome to be a very specific number, and the result was even better than I had prayed.  Additionally, eBay continues to entice buyers day-in and day-out, with new bids and purchases happening each day; and I have taken pride in having content going up regularly at

So I am pretty exhausted by the end of each week; the days pass quickly, and they are full of “to-do’s”, but I have been showered with kindness, encouragement, and reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness. I have nothing about which I can complain, and I have a wealth of things for which to be thankful. My desire is to be the same type of blessings to all others as so many others have been to me. Here’s hoping I can live up to that calling, and I hope it calls to you as well.

Thanks for reading,



This Week, I’m listening to : Stevie Wonder. Lots of Stevie Wonder.

I’m continuing to read: Bibliotheca: The Pentateuch and Former Prophets. I’m about midway through Joshua.

And I’m continuing to watch: Downton Abbey and Road to Avonlea