Fewer Than 45 Days…

Well, we are officially within 45 days of closing The Gift of Water registry. 10 months and two weeks into this, and we’re around $3000 away from fulfilling the total. It’s been quite a road thus far.

As many of you know, I began this project based on a season of prayer and seeking which ultimately ended in my feeling the Lord calling me to build a well. I couldn’t explain why that was the subject or why I felt so earnest about it, but I dove into the goal the best way I knew at the time. I felt it was something the Lord had made clear to me to do, and I purposed in my heart to do it—-plain and simple.

Along the way, I’ve had many setbacks and discouraging conversations. I’ve been given ideas that I have failed to execute. A lot of things that I thought would happen easily did not. But despite all this, I believe the Lord has been using this project for his glory, and I believe that the next six weeks is going to reveal his faithfulness even more.

Frankly, if everything had gone as I had wanted, I think that the whole endeavor could be seen as an example of my fundraising abilities, hard work, or skills, rather than the direct result of my embarking on something I could never do on my own and the Lord showing continual faithfulness in doing his work.

And make no mistake, I believe the Lord is working. The above picture I put together as a black-and-white when we first hit $5000, and I have been updating it based on donations throughout the journey. At present, it reflects funds from this weekend that brought us to $11,800. The poster itself is nothing special, but I love what it represents.

Fellow believers have come alongside me. We’ve prayerfully sought the Lord. We’ve all given something of ourselves toward something larger than ourselves. We’re all hoping, not for benefit to come to us but to others.

When I look at how it began versus where it is now, with its bursting color and the well nearing fullness, I am reminded of how far we’ve come. In the end the funds that are collected through this project are going to do some real good. Some level of change is going to be felt by individuals in need. That’s what it tells me when I look at it. And I love looking at it.
With less than 45 days to go and just over $3000 left to raise, I still have plenty of promoting to do, and I believe that the Lord is going to shine with his great faithfulness. I believe that before May 3 we will have the funding that we need for this to be completed. My hope is that once the goal is reached I will be able to get a designated location for the new well to which our funds contributed; but even if that doesn’t happen, I trust in World Vision’s stewardship that the funds are going to give the gift of water through a new deep water well where needed. Because they hope and strive alongside all of us who have donated to the well:  to obey the Lord for the benefit others.

Thank you for joining me thus far. Please continue to follow my blog or my social media post for more updates between now and May 3!