So it’s been about four months since my last post. Seems silly to bother with a new one, but I can be a silly dude sometimes. Comes with the territory of being me.

As a mental health exercise in 2018, I’m going to be some weekly debriefs regarding thoughts on the prior week. I’ve been realizing that intentionality and perspective are a large part of my welfare, and it seems that I thrive better when I have my goals not only well-intentioned but well-outlined and concretely set. Wanting to write is one thing; saying I will take 20 minutes a day to write and outlining what that will be at the beginning of the week is something else entirely.

So, this is the first in what will hopefully be at least 50 weekly debirefs. I’m beginning them in this last week of 2017 because I figured arbitrarily starting in the New year was setting myself up for disaster (my understanding is that fewer than 9% of all new Year’s Resolutions are kept). If I’ve decided it might be a benefit for me (and possible readers) to do weekly debriefs, I should start doing them the week I make the decision, right? No point in delaying a good, attainable goal because of a calendar date put in place over a thousand years ago. If good can be done today, then today is the day to do it.

So what to cover? Well, there’s always room for improvement, but as of now, here’s what I’ll be doing:

1). Summing up my #onthedaily thoughts from Twitter. Again, this week, I started a new morning routine. I began each day with exercise, prayer, Scripture and a rundown of three things: 

    • Today, I am Grateful for… !
    • Today, I will Focus on … !
    • Today, I will not Worry about… !

The goal of this bullet-point exercise is to begin the day with gratitude, a focus or theme, and the surrender of something that could damage or diminish the day. For the week sum-ups, I’ll be cataloging each category, at least for now. Special thanks to my friend and former colleague RONALD CLARY for this link, which outlines the process much better.

This past week, I was Grateful for LIFE, Central Heating and Fleece sheets, that I have a job, my therapist, being a Father, and finally for beautiful, fresh fallen snow !

This past week, I was Focused on loving others, getting my personal and work-related tasks aligned for the week, finishing overdue tasks, completing the tasks I must do to prep for the weekend, getting my work finished and getting home, and finally savoring good feelings and enjoying family!

This past week,  I refused to Worry about work, how others see me, my personal finances, what tomorrow’s workday holds, the weather’s impact on my weekend plans, and finally WORK [again].

Seeing some themes? I certainly am. And that’s the point of debriefing the whole week of #onthedaily tweets by category. Doing so provides me a picture of the things on my heart and mind and provides insight on how I did or not do for the week overall.

Thankfully, this week was relatively calm and good. My wife, son, and I spent quality time in the evenings despite their fighting a cold. Work was stressful but not crushing nor overly anxiety-inducing. I am happy to report that the week was a good one. Frankly, I know not every week will be this way—not given how life has gone the last few months. SO I am savoring this success while I have it.

2). I’ll be sharing links to helpful videos/podcasts I watched/listened to during the week, in hopes that if you have an hour of tasks and want some worthwhile content, you can benefit from them also:

From iTunes

The Meeting House CHRISTMAS EVE Sermon

The Sci-Fi Christian’s reflections on the Santa Legend (note: this is not what you think it is, but it’s hilarious).

From Youtube

Jordan Peterson on Truth & Self-Respect

Jordan Peterson on What Job Fits You

and How Star Wars Was Saved in the Edit

3). I’ll be sharing whatever else comes to mind…

For this week, here’s a few things.

I’m glad to be writing this post. I wrote my intention to do it at the beginning of the week, and it feels good to follow through on that intention. Also, I beat CONTRA 3 for the SNES CLASSIC last night, so that feels good too.

Also, I’ll be continuing to do eBay sales for at least Q1-Q2 in 2018. I have alot to sell for myself and others, and we can use the coin, so once again I am in this toy business.

I had a great Christmas. I rewatched ROGUE ONE for the first time since theatres (wherein I really detested it on a first viewing), and I’m glad to say that I really enjoyed it on the rewatch.

Well, that’s it for now. If you’ve read this. Wow. Thank you! It’s been alot.

Here’s to more blogging in the year to come!!!