Weekly Debrief 01/06/2018

Well, it’s the end of the first week of 2018 (I know Sunday was 12/31, but whatever), and I’m actually keeping this goal. And yes, I am as shocked as you are!!! So, what’s life been like this past 7 days?

1).  Weekly #onthedaily :

This past week, I was Grateful for health (since I am a bit under the weather); sleep (and dreams that make it feel like I slept longer); my son; my buddy , Dean, who drove us to work through this winter cyclone in the #302; FRIDAYS AND THE WEEKEND, and WIFE & SON!

This past week, I was Focused on REST so that I would recover, loving my wife well, my top 3 writing goals for 2018, fighting through a challenging work task, FINISHING THE WORKWEEK STRONG, and Taking down Christmas Decor and arranging my office for Q1!

This past week,  I refused to Worry about how hard returning to work would be tomorrow, impending late nights at work, failure, the outcome of [a] challenging task, the coming MONDAY (1/8), and getting (ok, having) yet another winter cold!

This week in themes:

Work continues to be a source of impending concern; and until I change my present situation, that will be the reality. The truth is that I work for a good company—-a great company in many ways. I want to do well while I am there and ensure that I am worth my salary. It’s just not easy for me given my task set. That’s the truth. I must accept it, forebear, and endure. Also, on the heart and soul this week was my marriage and fam. We are not without our struggles, and I am trying to be the best man I can in and through them. I fall short each day. That’s the reality, so I am grateful to have them, though I fail them. Also, on my mind was writing. Truth told: I had far too many goals and hopes for my writing in 2017 and met none, and 2018 was beginning the same way, so I honed my list to three major ones (but more on that later). Also, I accomplished much on which I focused, which was a nice self-confidence boost I needed. So, this week was good once again; I am glad to be alive and want to do right by family and my employer. I must forebear, but I want to do more; I want to thrive.

2).  Watch, Listen, or Read:

From iTunes

The SCi-Fi Christian’s further, poignant discussions on THE LAST JEDI (and yes, as far as my own opinion on the film, the jury is still in deliberations).

Also, The SCI-FI CHRISTIAN’S PREVIEW SHOW for 2018. These guys are fantastic, and this year should be also. Give it a listen.

From Youtube. These videos were fantastic.



From Other Places on the web and such

My buddy CHRIS over at GAMING WITH SWAG wrote this great piece and promised good things to come in 2018.

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

Talk. If I can sum up my life this week, my thoughts on how it went and where it’s going, this is it: Talk to people; talk to God. Get your thoughts and feelings outside of your brood engine and force them to face the world by giving them sound and structure. Don’t just journal. SPEAK. Say your feelings. Let them out of your head. Use words: “Pain”, “Anxiety”, “Fear”, “Anger”, “Joy”, and “Love”. This world needs truth. This world needs honesty. Your honesty, spoken.  So talk. You’ll be amazed at the support you gain, and you’ll be shocked at how much you can support others.

Thanks for reading,



Other Stats: This week working out.

Date Pushups Backbend Plank Leg lift Backplank
1/2 50 60 60 30
1/3 50 60 30 60
1/4 50 60 60 30
1/5 60 65 70 30
1/6 60 70 65