2018 Stuff. No, Literally. I am Selling Stuff.

2017 Inventory packed and weighed…a significant undertaking.

There’s a certain satisfaction a man gets from getting work done, especially when it’s for his own business. For those unaware, in addition to my 9-5, I buy and sell collectibles, mainly via eBay, in order to provide our family with that extra little bit of cash to eat-out, give gifts, and buy the odd treat or two (or usually pay those inevitable, unexpected expenses). I’ve been doing this actively and intentionally now since 2016, and it affords us just enough cream on the top for our having some air to breath financially and still allow the wife to stay home with our son.  No doubt it’s a fair amount of work, but it’s satisfying. And some stuff I keep for my personal collection…cause, you know, it’s fun.

In fact, in some ways I think it’s been a real mental and emotional outlet given that writing has had to take a backseat in the past few years. Granted, I have placed it in the backseat because I know how much it takes to get a book written, finished, and published; and frankly, I have been less than confident in my ability to do so again anytime soon. But the eBay thing is one of those natural outgrowths that comes from having an insane amount of trivial knowledge about a niche subject as well as an ongoing interest in acquiring new knowledge of and living on the fringes of an industry (like a guy who loves music running a used record store). At some point, I’d love to be in a position to hang up my pricing gun and put all the energy I’m expending into the next novel; but until that time comes, this is as good a side hustle as any.

2017 wrapped with a fair amount folks getting ridding of the prior year’s dross at incredibly low prices, so I invested a hefty amount in stock to knock out in the last month of 2017 and carryover into 2018. Plus, I have inventory to move for my dad and my brother-in-law and nephew, so I’ll not be ending this enterprise anytime soon; and I don’t need to, either. I savor what it does for our home; I enjoy the process itself, and I’m pretty good at it. Sounds like a recipe for something worth doing.

So, if you are an eBay shopper and looking to fetch a fine deal (I try to price things a little below the usual market price to keep the inventory moving), please follow me as a seller on eBay, and reach out to me if something specific interests you. I’m always willing to give the hookup where and when I can.

Thanks for reading,