Weekly Debrief 01/13/2018

[Full disclosure: this pic is from 1/15/18, and I retconned it onto this post. It is just that good.]

Alright, alright, alright. Another week. Another Debrief in brief—-well, kinda brief.

Let’s roll.1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was Grateful for  JESUS CHRIST, in whom I have eternal hope; COFFEE ; the existence of God, and my relationship to him; Fleece Pajama pants, soooo comfy; the ability to exercise, and men of my church!!

This past week, I was Focused on praying for my wife and son, aspects of life that are going well, finishing one task before jumping to the next, blessing of good health, rebutting toxic thoughts when they enter my mind, and enjoying time with my son!!

This past week,  I refused to Worry about my upcoming year-end job review, what others have that I do not, hitting walls in my taskset and feeling lost, credit card bills; the massive to-do list waiting for me this weekend,about my honesty being poorly received!

This week in themes: So, things were pretty good this week. Counseling went well Tuesday, and the ebbs and flows of life were not only manageable but good for the most part. My gratitude was all over the map, but my focus seemed to be on the blessings of the current week and savoring them while I had them. Rebutting the toxic thoughts is as much an act of embracing the good as giving gratitude for it, and it’s an area where my focus will continue to be placed—-it’s an area where I all too often fail. On the worry front, things stay the same: covetous, finances, and tasks. I have alot to do but limited time. Of course, by resolving not to worry, I’m at least saving myself lost minutes of fretting and anxiety about tackling the next problem. I’m grateful for another good week. I had expected to spiral (just given historical cycles I had in 2017), but I didn’t. That’s a win.

2).  Watch, Listen, or Read: I benefited from this content this week; perhaps you will too. Even if I don’t agree 100%, I agree enough to share. 

From iTunes:

WAY TO PRAY 01 by Bruxy Cavey : This is a great breakdown of the Lord’s prayer. Worth a listen for sure. (here’s additional info and another way to stream the teaching)

From Youtube:

JOHN PIPER on happiness and Christian Hope

JIM CARREY on The Need for Acceptance and Fear Versus Love (The artwork in this video is outstanding)

TEDx with LINDSEY POLLACK on no longer shaming Millennials in the workplace.

Oh, and this just fun: CORE IDEAS presents, “The Rise of Steve Harrington on Stranger Things

From Other Places on the web and such: if you didn’t read this article last week, do it this week: Not too late and pretty much applies to all collecting and media consumption.

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

The SNES Classic continues to entertain. In case you missed it, I wrote about the console over at GAMING WITH SWAG last fall.

Speaking of GAMING WITH SWAG, I’ve updated the “About C.J.” section of the site to include the writings of 2017, including over a dozen articles on and about gaming. Some highlights: “What does gaming do for you?” , “Arch Rivals Revisted” and a “Review of 1994’s Street Fighter

I also updated THIS. One of the most honest things I’ve ever published.

AND for 2018, I created a 2018 GOALS PAGE to track the things I’ve resolved to do this year and whether or not I do them. I hear only 9% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Or only 9% of New Year’s resolutions are kept. Or something. Anyway, there’s mine.

Also, I had a bit of revelation this week: at the age of 35, I still really enojy some sugar pop songs from the early 2000’s like “Love Never Fails” by SANDY  Y JUNIOR and “From the Damage” by O-TOWN. And I’m cool with that; I like what I like. And I will rep my set.

Thanks for reading; I hope to be less link heavy in future posts,