Weekly Debrief 01/27/2018

My Buds and me doing a selfie (kinda)

Well, January is wrapping up faster than I would have expected. This time next week we’ll be in February, and I’ll be in California to see wonderful friends for a week. As of now, I’m looking forward to a busy few days of work, prep, travel, and good times. I expect it to be even better than this past week, which wasn’t all that bad itself.

1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was Grateful for  sunshine and fresh air, the exciting stage of pre-writing in the overall writing process, my morning routine, hope, socks (yeah man, socks), and good films !

This past week, I was Focused on achieving goals despite lack of sleep, gratitude for blessings, thankfulness, hope, posture due to painful knots in my back, and being thrilled for how far I’ve come in the last few weeks!

This past week,  I refused to Worry about going to the dentist, the things I fear I will never have, money, imminent pain and suffering (as they will mold me into stronger person),the painful knots in my back, and how much we must get done before leaving for our vacation!

This week in themes: Gratitude and hope seems to top the list of concepts on my heart and mind (and socks got airtime for some reason), though pain seems to have had its fair share of acknowledgement also. I think the main thing that stayed at the forefront for me was being present in thankfulness and optimistic for the good to come, though pain is present now and will be then as well. Franky, it’s a bit of a blessing to have all these ideas blended into a coherent construct—-to accept pain and hardship, to be grateful both in and in spite of them, and to know that they will pass and more challenges will come, but all will be for good if I (we) allow it.

Along these lines, if you did not read my mid-week post, it may prove beneficial. Frankly, it forced me to offer some compliments I had long desire to offer but failed to prioritize.

2).  Watch, Listen, or Read:

I didn’t spend much time on iTunes this passed week, and I don’t have much to recommend in the way of podcasts; however, I was into some new tracks that on that Amazon Music, including THE BLADE RUNNER 2049 SCORE by Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch, the 1980’s R&B Standard “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross (the first track on his first album, no less), and the 1990’s gem “Sensitivity”  by Ralph Tresvant

From Youtube

Kinda hit and miss video from Jordan Peterson, but the hits are huge, especially regarding the ideal self.

Francis Chan on Psalm 23 [LEGIT]

Gretchen Carlson’s TEX talk on ending Sexual Harassment in the workplace (Warning: graphic content)

Piper on fatherhood and homemaking

Jim Kwik and The Power of Morning Routine

Jordan Peterson on “How to Stop Being Lazy”

From Other Places on the web and such : I have a new article published at GamingWithSwag.com

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

So, life is good—-challenging but good. I recently had two work tasks that in the past would have sent me spiraling into depression and self-abasement, but this week I seemed to just accept them as the ebb and flow of my job without much issue. Further, I’m finding that in my healthier state of mind, I’ve been of more value to my co-workers both personally and professionally, and that is good motivation to keep moving forward as well. I’ll admit, I’m still struggling with plenty—-things I prefer to share in person rather than online, but for the most part, life continues to to improve, and I believe that next week’s travels will continue the upward trend.

Thanks for reading,



COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK: LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING ARMORED BATTLE TROLL. Truth be told this was a “had it, loved it, sold it, want it, rebuy.” Those are not my proudest moments, but in some cases of refining your collection, you admit mistakes and correct them. This guy is a blast, and I look forward to sharing him with Landon someday (plus, I got him ON THE CHEAP in a lot.)