The Week in Brief 03/03/2018

Tired? Getting By? Yeah, it’s like that some weeks.

March has begun. I find it a bit unbelievable, really. I am shocked that Q1 of 2018 is nearly finished. Sure, I’m crushing the film portion of my 2018 GOALS LIST, but not much else, and the time to do so just seems to fly. Rise. Work. Eat. Work. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

These are the rhythms of life at times; and frankly, in those times, it’s easy to feel drained—-like you’re on the hamster wheel and there’s no end anytime soon. So today’s post will be shorter than last week’s, for sure.

And don’t worry; I’ll perk up again soon. This has just been “one of those weeks”. Seasons change, literally and figuratively. April showers and May flowers are both on the horizon, and March can be a great time to close Q1 strong, assess aims for Q2, and continue the year with the pursuit of virtue and excellence.

1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was GRATEFUL for life and another week of it, sunrise and clear skies, Twitter , my job, good conversations, and an extra hour of sleep!!

This past week, I FOCUSED on being honest and earnest, facing today’s challenges and solving them, going to bed at a decent time, doing my job well, being content, and enjoying my home !!

This past week, I refused to WORRY about my new challenging work assignments, the challenges awaiting me tomorrow, tax prep (I still have time), money, getting more stuff I do not need, and my shortcomings !!!

This week in themes: Lots on my mind personally and professionally. I have been focused on getting all my tax stuff prepped for our filing meeting Wednesday, doing loads of eBay for not only myself but 3 family members, and trying to give the bank good work and results and have enough steam in the tank to love my wife and son well.  Frankly, I was pretty exhausted by Friday, and I know that starting Monday, I get to do it all again. But it’s all good. This week has shown me that I have “the juice”. Even if I feel a bit lost and listless often, when the tasks become clear, I can execute and pull that extra 90 minutes or 3 hours out of my body each day to achieve what I must. And THAT is a good feeling.

2).  Watch, Listen, Read:

The women of Truth’s Table Review BLACK PANTHER (on Soundcloud. Also available on iTunes)

My Amazon Unlimited trial ended this week, and I really loved having it. I explored and discovered alot of music that stayed on regular rotation and listened to the full catalogs of Vandross, Braxton, Usher, Janet, New Edition, DeBarge, and more. If I were making another $5K a year, I might justify continuing the subscription; however, iTunes offered me a free trial of their unlimited service, so I figured I’d give their’s a run. At this point, I like Amazon’s service much more. We’ll see if iTunes can win me.

Pretty sure I already posted this, but here it is again: Jordan Peterson on Life’s Journey. 


3). More Hopes and Happenings:

BLACK PANTHER is getting another recommendation this week. The more distance I get from it, the more I recall enjoying it and the more I want to see it again. And over the last week, I was able to acquire a solid Black Panther Fig collection (but still hunting for 1 fig and debating getting the Lego releases as well).

I’m now three seasons into re-watching BattleStar Galactica via Amazon. If you are an adult and have Amazon Prime, do yourself a favor and give the show a try. If you’re not into it after the mini-series and the first 3 eps, it’s not for you…but I think you’ll be in the minority. This is not only a great sci-fi show; this is really good television with ongoing food for thought.

This week I replaced KINGDOM OF HEAVEN with GET OUT on my 2018 “Films to watch” list. And I watched Get Out Last night. I was quite taken with it. To sum it up (from my letterboxd review) “GET OUT is an exemplar of genre fiction, a film that is a fantastic work of craftsmanship that also contains real world insight and meaning which serves to elevate the genre itself. ”

Also, much to my chagrin, I want to see this….

And I logged into Facebook for the first time in a month. I’m not sure I’m going to bother again until April. That’s it for this week, except of course, for the below little gem:

COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK: McFarlane’s “SPAWN: THH DARK AGES” Ogre Figure : During one fateful Christmas season in the mid to late 90’s, my brother presented me this beast, new in package to add to my collection. I was in Junior High or high School at that point and still playing with figures, and he encouraged it. That’s love. And this was a pretty epic way to show it. This figure has been in my collection for around twenty years and has fought many battles in his time. As my son comes to play with figures in the coming years, hopefully, this big guy will get in the mix. FUN FACT: His torso is so loose from hours of play that he now has an unintentional club-swinging feature. #legit.