Weekly Debrief 3/10/2018

Putting Chaos into Order.

I know I was feeling defeated and exhausted last week. Fortunately, I’ve had a few wins (big sales on eBay/Good update on work) in the past few days, and I’m doing much better! Today started with a wonderful men’s breakfast at church, followed by much needed errands getting completed. A man feels good when he uses his time well, and I’ve been doing so this past week. Below are some details in that regard.

1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was Grateful for my manager at work, my health, a good night’s sleep (which I did not get last night), heating in homes and cars, Matthew 5-7 (aka The Sermon on the Mount), and sunshine !

This past week, I was Focused on getting done my tax prep, savoring good moments, going to bed before 11:00 PM, the knowledge that today’s trials and challenges will end, learning from my past, and giving my wife a deserved break from watching our toddler !

This past week, I refused to Worry about tomorrow’s challenges, all the things I do not have that I thought I would, the weather, new trials on the horizon, money, and solving all my problems in a weekend!

This week in themes: Life continues to be full, and that’s not a bad thing. What’s bad is when that “fullness” becomes chaos. And I am trying not to let that happen. I’m putting in extra hours toward at home projects, committing to completing tasks that need doing and slowly but surely getting my office into a state of more order and functionality. Frankly, I am still wrestling with a wealth of things personally—-relationships, regrets, goals, and the intersection of them all. The combination of these things, in addition to workload and the financial challenges of being the sole breadwinner have kept my mind in a state of constant thought that I am trying to transform into action: Organizing the office is basically the most pressing piece of this right now, but as evidenced by the pic 2 weeks ago (and the one on today’s post), it’s still a work in progress.

2).  Watch, Listen, Read:

In case you missed it last week, you should really listen The women of Truth’s Table Review BLACK PANTHER (on Soundcloud. Also available on iTunes)

Feeling a bit lost and in need of course correction, here’s some Solid Life advice from JORDAN PETERSON. 

John Piper on how to glorify God while being rich 

Also, utilizing my free trial of iTunes music, I listened to the full debut album of so-called “one hit wonder” SHANICE,  Inner Child, and as far as early 90’s Pop-R&B, it’s not horrible. Shanice’s big hit, “I Love Your Smile” has been of my favorite pop hits for nearly two decades, and it’s encouraging to know that Shanice had at least two dozen other good tracks when she hit the scene (“I Hate to Be Lonely” and “Silent Prayer” being my fave discoveries). [she’s also known for her duet “If I never knew you” with Jon Secada, which is a solid Disney ballad from the 90’s].

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

Big things on my mind this week. I’m continuing to rock eBay sales for not only myself, but my brother-in-law, Father, and a nephew. My Paypal accounting will be fun this season. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out the extensive listing up right now.

Along those lines and tied directly to the act of cleaning my office, I am on a buying hiatus right now regarding inventory. My therapist and I had a discussion about the novelty of the eBay hunt as an escape or coping mechanism (similar to prior coping mechanisms I have had). I disclosed that I felt I was beginning to “buy for my own collection and breaking even” rather than “buying for true investment towards real and valuable goals”. These were good revelations to have, and presently we’ve established that I am not buying any more inventory until the present stock is gone (or nearly so). We’ll be touching base on this every other week, but I think it’s a really wonderful thing. Getting rid of excess and holdover stock I’ve been unable to move will directly and positively affect that goal of cleaning the office, and this will eliminate a means of merely coping with issues rather than trying to address them. It’s a win for now!

Speaking of goals, I still  have alot on that 2018 list, but selling for the bro-in-law and dad are big ones I’m in the process of tackling, and I am nearly finished DUNE. I also have not forgotten about mid-week content, I’ve just failed to produce it. But it is coming!!!!

As March is in full swing and Q2 of 2018 is on the horizon, I am thinking of changes to the weekly debrief. I am not sure what improvements I would make, but I think there’s definitely room to compile and communicate the things I’ve been doing.

COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK: Hasbro’s SENTINEL IN CLASSIC COLORS, from their Marvel Universe Line. : Context is a big part of what I love. This epic 16″ figure was gifted to me by my good friends Dean and Chris during FREE COMIC BOOK Day 2013. We were at the local shop celebrating the event, and this fig had been on my wishlist for a bit. Given that I was unemployed at the time, I had neither funds nor justification for the purchase. So Dean made it my birthday gift a month early. It was a legit friend move. Now, the figure is always on display somewhere in the office, and Landon loves to press the sound feature on this “robot” on the regular. It’s a great Toy. And a Great Story.