Weekly Debrief 3/17/2018


Alright, alright. 2018 needs to slow the tempo. I don’t know about y’all, but I am feeling rushed. I just wrote about Feburary ending, and now March is halfway finished, too. Seriously, when did life pick up this pace, and how do I make it go more slowly.

I don’t have a good answer, but I gotta be honest: I need to find one. Life cannot go by in a blink like this. There’s too much good to be savored.

I tried to savor some this week. Let’s jump into it.

1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was Grateful for, fresh starts to the week, eBay ( here’s my profile ),the generosity of friends and family, good times at #ToyRUS, sleep, and friends!

This past week, I was Focused on writing down all I needed to do this week , personal victories, spending some quality time with my wife and son when I got home, going to bed before 11 PM, finishing the week well, and enjoying a Saturday at home !

This past week, I refused to Worry about new tasks and to-do’s that will emerge, bills, my tight work schedule, possible outcomes of having my decisions overturned at the office, next week’s trials, and my auto repair bill !

This week in themes: Full disclosure. All the things about which I said I would not worry took a lot of my mental energy. And it was spent worrying. The auto repair bill is still on the horizon, but I cannot imagine it being good. Further, work really took it out of me this week, and I am already concerned with the bottlenecking of shipping 30+ packages for eBay by Wednesday. On top of this, I have not been enjoying today–too much to do and too many oversights which has led to more. So, I fee like I am not finishing the week well, either. My goodness, it seems like I’m spiraling! Fortunately, I’m not—or at least I don’t think I am. Overall, I feel like the week went well. I continue to have more “to-do’s” each day and each week, and I continue to get a fair amount of them done. Day-to-day, I feel like I am managing my stress adequately, even if I am putting myself on blast in reflection. So, that being said: I feel like I am not ending the week as well as I would have liked, and I did not fulfill my daily anxiety management goals as well as I would have liked, BUT I am not spiraling, and I felt relatively well on the daily, so let’s give this week a verdict of “good but could’ve been better, and that’s okay”

2).  Watch, Listen, Read:

  • PODCASTS – I’m still not listening to that many podcasts over the week. I’m trying to max the iTunes Unlimited trial while I have it, and I have been enjoying Janet Jackson, Usher, and the Black Panther Soundtrack [CLEAN EDIT], throughout this week.
    • This week, I really loved listening to ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER by Lecrae, his latest album, which was not embraced by evangelical subculture but is still a fantastic pice of work. My favorite tracks are “I wish you the best” and “Hammer Time”
    • This week, I watched the last film on my 2018 GOALS LISTThe Night of the Hunter. While I didn’t adore it, I understand why it’s a classic, and I am glad to have finally seen it. Here’s an excerpt from my review on LETTERBOXD, “NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is downright disturbing and heartbreaking thriller that kept me on my toes throughout its running time and held me on the edge until its last minutes, and that’s power few modern films have. “

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

Not much to say here. I finished  DUNE this morning, which is exciting.

Toys R Us will be closing soon. Forever. It’s a sad development; but from what I’ve read, this was a long-time coming. I am hoping to get there at least 1 to 2 more times with my son before it shuts its doors, but there’s no guarantees. I’ll be posting more about it this week, but for now I’ll just acknowledge that it’s a bummer. Figures.com put up a good, brief piece about it.

I’m upping my Black Panther Figure game, and I am excited. More to come.

In April, I am committing to posting at least twice a week again! So we’ll see how that goes.


COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK: BLUE NINJA from An Unknown Toy Line: I spoke last week of context being a big part of the stuff I love. This figure follows in that mode. This is a ridiculously generic and cheap ninja toy that is downright silly at it’s 11″ scale. So why celebrate it? This figure was a gift from my good friend Dean, after me and a group of my friends stumbled on a toy line called “NINJA: HERO OF THE DARK” at a Rite Aid. The title pretty much put a handful of things we thought were awesome—NINJAS, HEROES, THE DARK–into a combination that demanded equal parts adoration and mockery. We joked about “NINJA: HERO OF THE DARK” more than once after the event; and while my research could not verify that this figure was actually part of the HERO OF THE DARK toy line, I know for certain that when Dean gave it to me years ago, we both attributed the gift as a tribute to that wonderful memory. I look forward to the day when Landon and I playing action figures and I add this gem to the mix, though I have no idea what role he will fill. Perhaps as a hero. Of the dark.