Weekly Debrief 3/24/2018

Well, this week I was sick. Real sick.  I don’t particularly enjoy being sick, but I think it’s good for me to get a reminder of how blessed I am given that I am well most of the year. Frankly, I would love to go a full year without an illness, but oh well–that’s life.

and here’s to another week of it! 1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was Grateful for the body’s natural clock that knows to awake on Monday and get back to the grind; wisdom, even if I don’t have much of it; my wife, who is taking care of our sick son; my wife (yes again);a job with paid sick time ; and coffee!

This past week, I was Focused on going to bed before 11PM, getting home in time for dinner with my fam, being healthy, [and upon realizing I was sick] on being healthy and strong tomorrow, on getting through a workday at about 60% strength, and enjoying fam !

This past week, I refused to Worry about our dryer repair,meeting arbitrary personal goals that help no one other than myself, my sore throat, what is happening at the office in my absence,  tomorrow, and  fixing myself entirely !

This week in themes: I’m grateful for my wife.  She’s a good woman. Not only did she spend this week caring for our sick son, but then she also cared for me, and did all of this while prepping for her dad visit. So yeah, good woman. Also this week I was kinda up and down, facing plenty of challenges and overcoming some. Week over week, I feel as though I’m experiencing that most of the time.

2).  Watch, Listen, Read:

  • PODCASTS – This week I listened to a pair of shows, but I’m not sure I’d really recommend them…which probably means I shouldn’t.
  • VIDEOS – I have continued to watch some good stuff from Jordan Peterson; but today, I just wanted to share THIS CELEBRATION OF LIFE. Okay, and these two nuggets from Peterson, “Grow Some Teeth” and “What To Do if You Have No Goals”
  • SONGS – I’ll be ending my iTunes unlimited soon, but I’ve been enjoying many selections while I have access to them, including the below.

“Yearning for Your Love” – by THE GAP BAND
“Music” – Brandy
“Before I Let You GO” – Frankie Beverly
“Never Too Much” – Luther Vandross
“Who’s Holding Donna Now” – DeBarge


This week, I rewatched THE WARRIORS, and I was reminded why I love it. The absurd cast of “Gang members”, the constant peril, the very loose connection to the Odyssey, and the sheer 1970’s grit just get me every time. And it’s a movie that I should really hate given my overall sensibilities. Maybe it’s the fact that my eldest brother introduced it to me at a perfect time of life (college) or maybe it’s the amazing soundtrack. I don’t know, but this flic works for me. But it very well might not work for you (just sayin’).

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

The Sci-Fi Christian’s newly designed site is live, and it’s spiffy.

Black Panther is continuing to make mad cash, and I am so thankful for that. I enjoyed the flic. It’s a strong entry into the superhero genre, but I think I have enjoyed the cultural narrative even more. I love hearing how the movie has inspired, excited, and encouraged audience members of all ages who have never had this type of representation for themselves on screen. Black Panther is pretty good, but the cultural moment surrounding Black Panther has been great!

COLLECTIBLE OF THE POST: TOY STORY BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. i picked up this champ at a walmart, and even got him discounted due to a damaged box. for years he sat on shelf or in a box, but these days my dear son has a blast pressing buzz’ many voice and sound buttons and having an absolute blast. more than I ever did, anyway. Regardless of getting this fig on a great deal or experiencing how awesome he is through the joy of my toddler, Woody says it best Buzz is a “COOL TOY.”. Seriously, everyone involved in this toy’s existence, from the original writer, to the character modeler, to the designer, to the builders, should be proud.