Weekly Debrief 3/31/2018

Mr. Happy Bojangles !

So here we are. March is gonna be gone in a few hours, as will 1/4 of 2018. 25% of the year, finished.

I know, it doesn’t seem possible to me either. But here we are.

Another week has passed, and spring appears to finally be overtaking winter. It’s a great time to reflect on the year thus far, to look toward rebirth in nature and renewal of self. I’ll be doing that more in an upcoming post, but for now I’ll focus on the past week.

1). Summing up #onthedaily:

This past week, I was Grateful for LONGWOOD GARDENS, time off work, new mercies every morning, my family, God’s love, and sunshine!

This past week, I was Focused on enjoying my family , enjoying time off work, on gratitude for my job, areas of life where I find satisfaction, processing revelations from therapy, and enjoying fam !

This past week, I refused to Worry about work (cause I am off!!!!!!), going back to work, nonsense, fixing everything in my life all at once, how life will look change based on these revelations, and things out of my control!

This week in themes: Work, Fam, and Revelations: that about sums it up. Despite how much i have improved my overall outlook on the job, I still find myself needing to actively avoid worry when I am away from the office and also remain positive while doing what I do. It’s not the company’s fault or my coworkers’ fault; I am well paid and work with great folks. My anxiety is all mine, and I own that. My father-in-law has been in town since last Saturday, so family time has been the name of the game. We’ve had a great week, and I’m grateful to him for making the trip. He and I tend to have excellent conversations and plenty of laughs; and more importantly, I know his presence is of real benefit to my wife. Between being sick last week and analyzing some dips in mood this week, I had a bit of  breakthrough in therapy, which has its benefits and pitfalls. New information can be immensely useful, but putting it into practice can be a challenge. I’ll be working on that quite a bit in the coming weeks, months, and probably years. What can I say, I gots problems.

2).  Watch, Listen, Read:

  • I caught some great PODCASTS this week:

A Body Image discussion from The Liturgists (FOR ADULT LISTENERS: pretty much everything about this is fascinating).

My pastor’s recent, amazing sermon on the person of JUDAS (likely not something you’ve heard preached previously)

  • Best VIDEOS of the week.

The Law of Averages (and understanding them for success)

How to Achieve Your Most AMbitious Goals, a TEDtalk by Stephen Duneier

John Piper on “The Plundering of Your Property and the Power of Hope”

  • I didn’t really discover much new in the way of SONGS this week. Been listening to DeBarge alot, but that’s not really new.
  • As far as FILMS, I got see Black Panther again. It was even better the second time. The film, the cultural narrative around it, and the downright charm of those involved in its making just fills me with hope. Black Panther has been a great cultural moment, possibly the best cultural moment wrought from the superhero subgenre. I also watched COCO for the second time and also cried, for the second time. 

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

I’m gonna do a Q1 debrief soon, which will be interesting. I’ve had quite the calendar quarter as far as self-assessment, life management, and overall existential angst. Should make for a worthwhile read.

Also, as I said last debrief, I will begin posting twice a week again. I’ve decided to make it a Q2 goal to be more intentional about actually following through with ideas in writing, and the blog will provide a good platform for that. So expect more than debriefs in the coming weeks.

Life is good. I’m a bit more of a fool than I previously assumed; but that’s my fault, not the world’s. I am incredibly blessed, and spring tends to be a positive season for me. I look forward to sharing it with you all in the weeks to come!

Thanks for reading!

COLLECTIBLE OF THE POST: Todd McFarlane’s Deluxe ALIEN QUEEN Figure. Again, another gift, I believe from my friends Dean, Chris, and Bobby. This behemoth of a collectible is thing of collector’s dreams and children’s nightmares—an incredibly detailed “Action figure” that’s far more of a display piece than toy. Frankly, the overall package for this figure (which included killed human being) was a little much for my sensibilities, but the queen herself is a pretty stunning colectble, one I have had and enjoyed for nearly 10 years!!!!