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End of Week Reflections 04/28/2018

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Well another week. Man, I should say, “another month”. I know I keep bringing it up, but 2018 seems to be flying at the fastest pace of any year I can remember.

Fortunately, the year has been good thus far. I was likely atone of the lowest points in my life in December 2017, and both my therapist and I feel like I have made incredible strides in the last four months.

Life is not perfect—never—and that’s OK. That’s the way life works. We don’t get perfection on this side of eternity. For now, our job is to endure the present imperfection and be a beacon of goodness, truth, and beauty within it. It’s a high calling, but it is one that I think is well worth pursuing.

Here’s how I felt about it all this past week.

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End of Week Reflections : 04/21/2018

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Ha! Ha! #Swag

This week is closing on a real emotional high. I was finally able to attend The York Train Meet hosted by The Train Collector’s Association, Thursday through Saturday. My dad has been attending the show since the 1980’s and vending for at least a decade. I’ve been eager to go since our moving from California to Delaware in 2012. This week, that chicken came home to roost.

And it was a BLAST.

But more on that in a bit, for now, let’s tackle the week in full.

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To Those Who Want to Quit Doing Right

Posted by on Apr 18, 2018 in Faith, Hope, and Love

Please don’t.

Don’t quit.

Just keep going. Please.

Yes, I’m asking you—wherever you are and whatever your battlefront is, hold the line. The world needs people like you. The world needs folks willing to fight. The world needs you to keep making it that much better.

Even for just a little longer. Stay strong. Whatever strength you have, rally it for one more day. Just one. Don’t worry about tomorrow, its challenges, its trials, and its temptations. Don’t worry about yesterday, the shortcomings, the missed opportunities, and the regrets.

Focus on Today.

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End of Week Reflections 04/14/2018

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Not sure what’s going on with my face in the photo…

So, earlier this week, I did this impromptu post┬áto encourage anyone out there who’s hurting. It got liked and retweeted. I feel like it did some good. That being said, seems this blog is worthwhile for more than my weekly check-ins. To what degree, I’m unsure; but the fact that anyone is reading and thinks it’s worth sharing with others is encouraging to know. Here’s hoping I can continue to bring some benefit my little corner of the net.

As far as the rest of the week, read on!

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