End of Week Reflection : 04/07/2018

Oh the thoughts…

We are moving through 2018 at a breakneck pace!!! It’s already April and finally beginning to feel like spring! I believe it’s a time of renewed nature outdoors and renewed determination in the mind and heart. I continue to tinker with the weekly debrief format, so things may look a bit wonky for this month, but hey sometimes progress is like that.

Let’s get it poppin’

1). The Week in Brief: “Progress & Productivity” . Starting this month , the #onthedaily recaps will be in back end of the posts. Frankly, they are not really the meat & potatoes of what I’m trying to capture, and I felt they were slowing the flow rather than helping it. The week was good. It was not without its challenges and disappointments; but overall, I am not spiraling as I did during the end of 2017. In fact, the last bad one I remember was December.  Also, I am finding that I can be—and often choose to be—far more productive than I was during that more difficult time. And productivity in and of itself has helped. By getting my office more organized, I have enjoyed the space more, both for work and leisure. My confidence is building too, which is enabling me to engage more projects, which in turn allows me to accomplish more and keeping moving—a healthy process of momentum, to be sure. But what has taken the most of my mental and emotional energy the last week has been the items I covered in my quarter debrief:  letting go of ideal selves to whom I have been comparing my actual self, being grateful for the stability afforded from my marriage, and realistically looking at my capacities and how I can add value to the world by embracing them (click dat link to get more details).

2).  Recommended Media! 

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

  • If you aren’t friends with me on the gram (Instagram), now is the time. I’m ramping up to begin some pretty cool photo series showwcasing my collectibles, which I think alot of folks my age will enjoy!
  • My boy will be 2 years-old a month from next Saturday! Doesn’t seem possible, but it’s wonderful! I love being a dad.
  • Summing up #onthedaily: GRATITUDE, FOCUS, AND REFUSAL TO WORRY
    • This past week, I was Grateful for My morning routine, podcasts, good sleep, friends, FRIDAYS, and my son!
    • This past week, I was Focused on getting my census form submitted, on the question of what actions truly add value to the world, finishing what I did not complete yesterday, savoring time with others, being authentic, and assessing tasks for spring cleaning and/or repair!
    • This past week, I refused to Worry about weather, having all the answers to the above question of value added tasks to the world, the fact that I did not finish everything I intended to do, money, what others think of me, and getting all of the spring cleaning and home repair finished!



COLLECTIBLE OF THE POST: This Truck. I received the above from my dad when we was cleaning out the family basement about two years ago, before him and my mom sold the house in which I was raised. It’s a great vehicle with an opening in the back to store treasures. I don’t believe it has any plastic components, and my understanding is that it was produced prior to the Second World War. #legitvintage My son loves it, too; but he’s at a place where he plays a bit too roughly, and he was getting it chipped and dinged a bit more than I wanted, so it’s stored for now but will definitely find itself on display in the coming years.