To Those Who Want to Quit Doing Right

Please don’t.

Don’t quit.

Just keep going. Please.

Yes, I’m asking you—wherever you are and whatever your battlefront is, hold the line. The world needs people like you. The world needs folks willing to fight. The world needs you to keep making it that much better.

Even for just a little longer. Stay strong. Whatever strength you have, rally it for one more day. Just one. Don’t worry about tomorrow, its challenges, its trials, and its temptations. Don’t worry about yesterday, the shortcomings, the missed opportunities, and the regrets.

Focus on Today.

Get through today.
Do the small things you said you would do and refuse to do things you know you shouldn’t.

Keep doing right. Or at least trying.

Take a chance doing good. Speak those encouraging words you’ve been wanting to say. Give that gift you’ve been meaning to give. Know your spot; do what you should. And do it today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today.

I know it’s hard. I know it feels foolish. I know because I am right there with you, and I’m on the brink of quitting far more often than I’d like. I feel like it takes all of me to be remotely decent. I’m just that selfish and close to the edge. But I fight. I keep moving forward. And you can too. You can.

If you are trying to live right; if you are striving to be better today than you were yesterday—to be more kind, compassionate, gracious, and loving—stay the course.

You can. We need you to. We need each other to.

Don’t Quit. Keep going.

At least for today.