End of Week Reflections : 04/21/2018

Ha! Ha! #Swag

This week is closing on a real emotional high. I was finally able to attend The York Train Meet hosted by The Train Collector’s Association, Thursday through Saturday. My dad has been attending the show since the 1980’s and vending for at least a decade. I’ve been eager to go since our moving from California to Delaware in 2012. This week, that chicken came home to roost.

And it was a BLAST.

But more on that in a bit, for now, let’s tackle the week in full.

1). The Week in Brief: “Acknowledging Anxiety and Seeking Solutions” . I have a dilemma. When the pressure hits and a seemingly large problem arises, I start to get anxious. If I get too anxious, I begin to panic. If I panic too long, I go into a state of despair. The pressure does not change; the panic does not change; but now the despair clouds both of them, and everything feels worse. This week, I almost experienced this spiral again; but fortunately, I recognized it, considered a solution, and ultimately, averted the despair well before it was given any ground. The pressure hit, the panic began; I paused and decided to solve the problem rather than letting my emotions lead me into greater defeat. It was an empowering event. I needed it. When the workweek ended, I got to have some real quality time with my parents for the back half of the week. Spending time as an adult peer with them is consistently pleasant, relaxing, and delightful. I think I may have two of the greatest parents who ever lived. I only hope I can do half as well by my child, as they have done by me.

2).  Recommended Media! 

▪ This week, I of everything and stop there for now.

3). More Hopes and Happenings:

  • I have many items on eBay right now and more are coming soon. The business has been booming, and it may get even better as the spring season comes, and I find more inventory.
  • So the York Train Meet was a legit experience. I have previously been a vendor at multiple shows, but this one was about 5x the size of the largest—-I mean, this thing rivaled San Diego Comic-con in terms of scale. Perhaps the only expo I’ve attended that’s larger is Toy Fair International back in ’08. I have to admit, I LOVED THIS SHOW. The scale was awesome; the people were great for the most part, and there were an amazing number of toys both to see and purchase—which is right up my alley. I really, really loved attending this show, and folks told my parents they enjoyed having me there, which was cool.
  • This week I rewatched YOU GOT SERVED. Yes, that YOU GOT SERVED. I don’t know what to say about it, really. The dancing is still off the chain, but everything else is, well. everything else. hahaha! I’mma still keep it, though. There are some plot points that are legit, and the Training Montage is also solid. It was a gift from my roommate Matty the week I broke up with my then-girlfriend, now-wife (long story). It was a really solid gesture. He had all the right intentions, and I was a real chucklehead about the whole thing. Plus, the whole reason I saw the flic in the first place was due to the final battle having specific resonance with my college floor at the time. So, yeah, the movie’s pretty bad in many ways, but I’ve got emotional ties to it; and again, some of the dance sequences are outstanding. So, I’ll just dub it my guiltiest of pleasures.


The past week, I am Grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, sunshine, my God and my Rock, PSALMS and PROVERBS of the Bible (esp. in the beautiful language of the KJV), my parents, and good conversations with kind folks about hobbies !

The past week, I will Focus on overcoming anxiety and working hard, combating anxiety, just getting through the workday, serving my parents and their customers during a hobby show, on savoring time with them, and enjoying family!

The past week, I will not Worry about all of tasks I must complete during this short workweek, tomorrow’s challenges, only today’s opportunities, how little sleep I’ve gotten this week, WORK, how things are going at my job in my absence, and anything !

COLLECTIBLE OF THE POST: Fisher-Price Garage. Man, this thing. My research indicates this gem was released in 1973; and while I’m not sure when it entered our home, I believe that this has been in my family since before I was born (’82). This playset has been the site for endless action figure conflicts but is currently a peaceful gathering place of cars and trucks. Sometimes my son and I call it the ramp, and he just sends all manner of vehicles from top to bottom for me to park. Other times, he just sits alone and parks them himself. This is a really wonderful playset—weathered, worn, and well-loved by children for over 35 years!