Your Space is a Manifestation of Your Inner Life

BEFORE: Clutter, clutter, and more clutter. A work in Progress.

Sounds legit, huh?

Well, I can’t take credit for it. I mean, I can take credit for the sentance but not the sentiment. The sentiment I gleaned from the Sci-fi Christian and current rock-star psychologist JORDAN B. PETERSON, but the wording is mine.

I earned the right to write it. Because I put the axiom into practice. See, Peterson’s big slogan is “Go Clean Your Room”, and he’s right, you should. If you want to help the world become more orderly and good, if you want to help defeat chaos and repair broken systems, you must begin with messes in your own sphere. You have to get your piece of the puzzles to fit before you start putting your hands in everyone else’s, even if their bits seem easy enough to put together from where you are sitting.

So I cleaned my office. I went to the mattresses against the clutter, the piles of “stuff” and the overall disorganized shambles in our loft, and I created a space where I can easily work, remain organized, and function efficiently. I still have some piles of items to address, but those items are in designated locations to be tackled a bit at a time; and that’s how progress is done, really—-it’s the small, consistent steps and task management that have a compounding affect over a long period of time.

And getting your workspace or office space in order is a great first step, because it enables you to do that much more many once it’s finished. If you have a space where you hate to be because it is a cluttered mess that makes you feel unsettled, then you must get that very space to a degree of order where you not only enjoy being present but you are proud of the space itself. You’ll be glad to enter into it, and you’ll function well when you do. Further, having conquered a huge mess, you’ll feel fully capable of conquering another, larger or smaller. In fact, smaller projects will no longer feel daunting; you’ve already done the hard part of setting the stage to get them done. Now you’ll be ready to do it, and you’ll be happy to get it finished and keep life moving.

So, what’s that have to do with the inner self? Well, everything in a way. first, if you can get some space ordered around you, you get the frustration and concern about that space off your mind. It frees up some mental energy, and you then have the capacity to not only intake more but to process it orderly. Second, you begin to reflect the space and vice versa. If your desk begins to get cluttered, it serves as a mental alert—-your mind is getting cluttered, otherwise your desk would be clean. If you think that sounds silly, I can testify that it is the truth. I am a living testament to it. and the alert helps you rebalance, to recalibrate and get things where they need to be. You remember the chaos and don’t want to return it. Third, when you complete one thing well, you begin to fill your confidence tank, which enables you to attempt the next thing. When you complete that well also, you fill your tank a bit more. And as it fills it also gets deeper and wider. You realize you can do more than you thought and do it more quickly than you expected. And the cycle continues. Over time, you begin to realize that you have far more capacity than you expected; you accomplish more, and your space remains orderly. To be honest, the process feels almost miraculous. It does not seem possible that your life could be going as steadily well as it is. But it is.

And it began by putting one space in order, and operating in that space to continue getting more in order. Again. And Again. And again. Then one day, maybe you wake up and realize, “wow, I am doing well right now.”

I did it, which means you can, too. Start simply, with a desk. then move onto bookshelves, then wherever else you cannot bear to look. Slow and steady progress on the outside, you may be amazed at what also occurs within you.

AFTER: Looks clean and orderly, right? All that you see on the desk is being used. When it’s done, all that’s left is the lamp, laptop, scale, and clipboard.