End of Week Reflections 04/28/2018


Well another week. Man, I should say, “another month”. I know I keep bringing it up, but 2018 seems to be flying at the fastest pace of any year I can remember.

Fortunately, the year has been good thus far. I was likely atone of the lowest points in my life in December 2017, and both my therapist and I feel like I have made incredible strides in the last four months.

Life is not perfect—never—and that’s OK. That’s the way life works. We don’t get perfection on this side of eternity. For now, our job is to endure the present imperfection and be a beacon of goodness, truth, and beauty within it. It’s a high calling, but it is one that I think is well worth pursuing.

Here’s how I felt about it all this past week.

1). The Week in Brief: “Livin’ Well” .This week was legit. I continue to do my morning routine, and I’ve learned that my body naturally awakens at about 5:45 which gives me plenty of time to get it done and ease into the day before I head to the office and work the grind. The grind has been hard but not unbearable, which is a good thing. Granted, I don’t have the skill set and the confidence that are required for me to excel in my current position, but what I am developing is a sense of real confidence in a variety of other areas and the realization of what my innate skill set truly is, as well as what I can do with it. thanks to my organized office, I am knocking out things at home too. Good week of living well.

2). More Hope and Happenings

As always, I always have stuff up on eBay. I’m continuing to sell things for my dad, my nephew, and my brother-in-law, but the bulk of it is mine. Trying to price things to move, so if you are a collector, check it out.

Also, I revisited the film Deep Blue Sea this week, because my wife is pretty great and she decided to watch it one night on Netflix. The movie is ridiculous in every sense of the word, but there’s a part where LL Cool J starts punching a shark in the head, and if nothing else that’s a pretty legit moment in the history of horror, sci-fi, and action.

I spoke last week about attending the YORK train show and how much fun I had with my parents. I’ve decided that a new project that I’m going to undertake will be the building of a single board layout for a train. It will probably be a 2019 endeavor, I still have plenty of goals for 2018 that need to be finished first, but I’m going to get a reasonably sized train board, probably about 5 x 3, and lay down some track for what I hope is another great piece for the collection.

Also, my wife and I decided we are going to Europe this Christmas. I feel like I need to start praying now that the weather is going to be OK.

3). Recommended Media

Jordan Peterson’s advice: “Do not practice what you do not want to Become” , Danger of Seeking Money, Fame, and Status , and There being No Excuses for Not Moving Forward.

An IGN opinion piece on 5 Great Aspects of Batman v. Superman. Frankly, I have a soft spot for the flic, and the animosity toward it has only made me like it more, so videos like this are nice.

John Piper on Reconciling Historical Heroes Failures with their Good Work


This past week, I was Grateful for great long weekends, my wife, a full night’s sleep, friends and fam, exercise!

This past week, I chose to Focus on facing the challenges of Monday with determination, not allowing stress to control my mood, positive language and optimistic outcomes, loving people well, finishing the workweek well !

This past week, I refused to Worry about possible trials that could come later this week, corporate metrics, corporate decisions over which I have no control, all that my team must complete by Friday, problems I cannot fix and have not been asked to try fixing!!

Collectible of the Week : PHANTASM from Batman: The Animated Series. So, long story short on this. I have had this figure enter and exit my collection many times. The Phantasm is a one-time villain from my favorite Batman Film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. I believe the film captures the spirit of the Caped Crusader better than any other feature, and this villain has a huge part to do with the exploration of the hero in that movie. I paid a high price for this figure ($8), but it was in great shape, and I want to share it with Landon once he sees the movie.