Becoming Who You Want To Be

One of the great paradoxes of life is that the only real constant is change. Regardless of what you do or how you do it, time still passes, your cells die, people age, and circumstances shift. We cannot freeze our reality, not even for a second.

Change is a material and inescapable reality. Because of this, you have a wonderful opportunity to change with it—not in some microscopic but mostly irrelevant sense, but rather in a vibrant gradual and tangible sense that betters the world. This is an immense opportunity…

If you know how you are changing.

The question each of us must ask is, “Who am I becoming as change occurs?” It’s a question with which I wrestle regularly, because frankly I do not have a good answer but I feel it is my responsibility to have some semblance of it.

“Who am I becoming?” I would love to think I am becoming the best version of myself or at least a better version of myself than I was yesterday. As a Christian I have the fundamental belief that when I die, if Christ has saved me, then indeed I get to become the best version of myself and inhabit that self throughout infinite adventures unto eternity. But this side of things, I have to settle for becoming better; or at least striving toward becoming better. But “better” in what way? Well, I cover that a fair in my weekly debriefs and daily focuses, but here’s some others worth considering.

Better at listening.
Better at expressing my needs.
Better at loving my wife.
Better at loving my son.
Better at understanding the needs of others.
Better at accepting criticism.
Better at giving it constructively.
Better at refusing to worry
Better at forging against difficult tasks.
Better at accepting trials as they come.

And so on. That’s the aim. Not sure where I fall in each category, but overall I think my change in this current phase of life is good. I may not know exactly who I want to become, but I at least know where I want to focus today to be better than yesterday. And I think that’s worth something.

At least for me, and I hope for you as well.

Thanks for reading,