Weekly Reflection 05/05/18

Me and my buddy, DeanDean, before experiencing Infinity War. My man Chris joined us also but was not there in time for the pic.

We are now in May 2018. Can you believe it? I kinda can because it’s been a full year for me but still—-whoa.

May is going to be a pretty good month for me. I am celebrating the 1-year anniversary of completing the GIFT OF WATER fundraiser, the 2-year birthday of my son, and the 5-year anniversary of the release of my first novel, Stronghold. Plus there’s plenty happening hereabouts and thereabouts in present life (like the release of Infinity War).

Here’s how I felt about the first week of this momentous month of May!

1). The Week in Brief: “Livin’ Well” .This was another legit week. I finished April like a man, helping my buddy during a move by doing impromptu construction (and #legit demolition), plus caring for my boy while my wife was working through getting meds, going to the ER after reacting to the meds, and contracting another cold. Plus, serving in nursery at church. I’m not boasting, but I am affirming that it feels good to be a man who is able to serve others and enjoy doing so. It’s much more satisfying than beating games (as gratifying as that is) or working on a hobby (as restful as that may be). The rest of the week was typical at the job, and I am doing well managing the stress there. Is it my ideal situation? No. But that’s okay. It is a decent situation that pays for my family to have a good, comfortable life and affords my wife the opportunity to remain home with our son. So all my complaints are petty by comparison.  I’m still working through some career curriculum and self-awareness exercises in hopes of gaining a better vision for my career path and the direction of our fam, and the process has been eye-opening and rewarding. I hope it continues to be.

2). More Hope and Happenings

Over a hundo items on eBay. I’m continuing to sell things for my dad, my nephew, and my brother-in-law, but the bulk of it is mine. Trying to price things to move, so if you are a collector, check it out. Also, IF YOU KNOW ME or READ THE BLOG, message me before bidding, I may be able to offer a deal.

This week I discovered Peppermint Iced Tea. After water and lemonade, it is my hot weather drank of choice.

My boss is aware of Eurotrip this Christmas, so it looks like it is definitely happening! Everyone is pretty excited about it.

My son continues to enjoy being in my office, and I love spending time with him up here. Presently, we are playing a sharing game wherein he rolls cars to me across a table, and I identify them and park them on the floor. We then switch sides and do it all over again. It’s a blast. Also, today I asked him if he wanted to listen to music; he requested Jazz, and when “Tank” from the Cowboy Bebop OST started playing, he yelled, “It’s Jazz!”  My son is wonderful.

3). Recommended Media

Jordan Peterson’s advice: “Focus on One Thing rather than Nothing” (this is game-changing for me and proving very helpful) and here’s an interesting bit on The Marshmellow Test

John Piper’s Legendary Sermon on Boasting Only in the Cross and some additional insight on letting God work FOR you

#onthedaily Recap

This week, I was Grateful for THE ROCKY FILMS, good health, my wife and son, a God who answers prayer, my colleagues, and the return of leaves and flowers in spring !

This week, I Focused on being optimistic on a Monday, writing some very recent memories to help cement them in my mind, being hospitable when folks stop by my desk, holding captive thoughts that I should not entertain, Finishing the week well, and loving my family well !

This week, I refused to Worry about Deadlines that are not my responsibility, if I will get to see #infinitywar before I am hit with spoilers, work items that are not my responsibility, possible car maintenance costs this weekend, work next week, and things this week I failed to do, because they can still get done in the week to come!

Collectible of the Week : KING DAVID of ISRAEL, Shepherd Edition. At least, I think that’s what this figure is. Based on my research, I can not confirm any details. The figure stands about 7″ tall and looks like his hand is molded to hold a sling or possibly a shepherd staff, but I cannot locate a date stamp, manufacturer emblem, or any other detail to decipher where this figure originated. I got him in a huge lot on eBay, so he could be from anywhere. BUT he is on our bookshelf in the office at present, adn I have taught my son to call him KING DAVID, so that’s who he is. He is a well-sculpted inaction figure, and I am glad to have him in my collection….even if I am not 100% sure if he is who I think he is.