Weekly Reflections 05/19/2018

Maxin’ out before the madness of a two-year-old’s B-day

Today was the big day. After months of planning, we hosted a party for my son’s 2nd birthday.  My wife’s research and planning set the stage for a good time for the kids and their parents, and People seemed to enjoy it.

The success in no small thing. We lost power the night before for a bit, which not only required our doing prep in the dark but also spiked our anxieties about possible loss of food. Plus, the pizza restaurant thought our 10-pie order was for 5/20 , not 5/19, so we had a brief panic on that front too. Fortunately, everything was still chilled in the fridge when the power returned on Friday, so our tangible losses were minimal. And the pizza not only arrived on time but was delicious. It could have been much worse. Of course, our sleep was thrown into disarray, too, which led to both my wife’s and my operating under a certain level of exhaustion. Regardless of the issues, the party went well, and we are grateful for that.

Here’s a look back on the days that passed prior to the big event.

1). The Week in Brief: “Still Doin’ Well” This was a good week overall. My son turned two-years old, which was pretty awesome. I know I have said it before now, but I love this kid more than I ever thought I possible. He’s not perfect, but he’s wonderful, and I take great joy in watching him learn and grow. I attended his 2-year checkup Friday, and he continues to impress. Work is manageable, and I’ve been doing some worthwhile research on careers and further education. I have not made any definite plan, but I’ve been able to get a better understanding of possible options. So, again, progress occurs, slowly but surely.

2). More Hope and Happenings

Therapy also continues to be beneficial also. Currently we are working on how to better understand and love my wife, which is a worthwhile use of the time.

My own Birfday is coming up two weeks from today. I’ll be 36…I feel much older.

This week I got Black Panther on blu- ray. I got rewatch the film, and I continue to love it. Plus, the special features have been decent. I am really looking forward to the director’s commentary.

This week I introduced my buddy-buds to Construx. They are a bit advanced for a two- year old, but we are still having a blast! hahahahahah.


3). Recommended Media

Great insight on belly fitness (I am combating a developing gut these days)

I feel like the world needs this film

And weekly insights from Jordan Peterson, on walking a path in life and the shadow self


#onthedaily recap

Today, I am Grateful for a good job, my wonderful son who turned two years-old yesterday, spring rain, my wife, nacho chips, and electricity and the power company that repairs it!

Today, I will Focus on battling resentful thoughts and emotions, identifying resentful thoughts and holding them captive before they grow, recognizing resentment and refusing to let it dominate my thoughts, ending my 4-day workweek well, helping my wife, and being patient rather than reactive !

Today, I will not Worry about inevitable challenges yet to come this week, the negative results of speaking truth, mounting logistics that have not yet been sorted, the stress of the upcoming weekend, the stress of tomorrow, and how I am going to make it through the day on little sleep !

Collectible of the Week : CONSTRUX by Fisher Price. As I said in the main post, this year I shared CONSTRUX with my son. He just turned 2, and he was quite taken with them. The parts are small, so I am always with him when they are available, and we’ve had a blast. All of my Construx at present were given to me but a childhood friend, so these have been a part of my life for over 20 years. Now they’ll be a part of my son’s, and that makes me enjoy them all over again.