Weekly Reflections 05/26/2018

Maxin’ out before the madness of a two-year-old’s B-day

Here’s a look back on the days that passed prior to the big event.

1). The Week in Brief “Waging War on Resentment” week of waging war on resentment actually changed things. Work is manageable, and I’ve been doing some worthwhile research on careers and further education. I have not made any definite plan, but I’ve been able to get a better understanding of possible options. So, again, progress occurs, slowly but surely.

2). More Hope and Happenings

Therapy also continues to be beneficial also.

This week I listened to the commentary on Black Pantherblu- ray. I got rewatch the film, and I continue to love it. Plus, the special features have been decent. I am really looking forward to the director’s commentary.

This week I introduced my buddy-buds to Construx. They are a bit advanced for a two- year old, but we are still having a blast! hahahahahah.

3). Recommended Media

Interesting thoughts from Desiring God on worship lyrics.

The full sermon from the Royal Wedding.

And some fun about BLACK PANTHER

And weekly insights from Jordan Peterson, on mapping your future , victimization , and a frame of reference for living.  AND if you want some long-form Jordan Peterson and have an hour, here’s a great example on how to conduct yourself in an interview where you are being baited.

#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful for my son, the success of #blackpanther, good food, mornings when I awake and remember that my life is far better today than it has been previouslymy karaoke performance yesterday going well, the blessings I have despite my many mistakes ! !

This week, I Focused on starting the week strong both at home and the office, getting home from work early, speaking truth, battling resentment, tackling a major work task in hopes of completing it before the weekend, battling resentment by owning my choices !

This week, I refused to Worry about others failing to understand me and love me how I wish they would, what I should I have done ten years ago to be working in a different field today, being judged by others, the failures of yesterday, the possibility of staying late to finish a major task, work that remained on my desk when I left the office yesterday

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : ASLAN : This Disney Store Exclusive was gifted to me by my wife during a date back prior to our getting married. I was collecting a great deal of lines at the time, and I was going to pass on this highly detailed, wonderfully rendered figure of ASLAN from the Narnia films, so she offered to purchase it for me as a gift. The figure was specifically used when I was composing my novel, STRONGHOLD (ironically, as the basis for the Solsland incarnation of Satan), and now the figure is excitedly enjoyed by my son as “THE LION” on a bookshelf in my office. It’s a great piece.