Weekly Reflection : 06/23/2018

What up, folks?

I’m going to start this post with a motto; maybe it’s a mantra, I don’t know, but here it is: Feelings are always real, but they are not always true. You can feel a thousand things that you are not. Not really. Knowing this is vital. It’s essential. It enables you to actual whatever is you’re feeling, then test it against where you really are, who you are, and what you are truly experiencing—not just feeling.

Food for thought for a Saturday. Here’s some more.

1). The Week in Brief “Like Israel” I’m not as authentic here as I’d like to be. Or as I could be. Maybe as I should be. I don’t know. Frankly, I’m guarded. This is the internet, after all. It’s ink. Permanently on record. And I’m as much as a social engineer as anyone else. I share what I choose, but it’s not really an indicator of the depth of who I am or what I feel. It’s scrubbed and edited. Not sure why; I don’t think more than a half-dozen folks are reading, so I’m not trying to impress anyone. Maybe I’m just trying to protect myself. Regardless of motivation, it is what is ; I am what I am. And truth be told: most days I still feel like a mess. I still feel like I’m circling the answers, the goals, the ambitions. I’m not where I want to be yet, and I won’t be for a minute. Like Israel still needing laps in the desert, just to get the threshold of the promise land—a land of milk and honey that will still need to be taken by force with a few miracles on the way. Is that what I’m waiting to reach? I don’t know.  I hope to find it—my role, place, and purpose—but I still feel like I’m in no shape to do so. Maybe it’s a blessing I’m still circling that next step, still wandering to find it, still waiting to take it. I’m not ready. Not sure when I will be, either.

2). More Hope and Happenings

So, it was Father’s Day this past Sunday, I love being a father. I simply love it.

This week, My wife’s father has also been staying with us, and I think he loves the role too. Both at the father level, the father-in-law level, and the grandfather level. Those are a lot of rolls to fill, and he does them all well. I’m glad he’s with us.

Also of note, I have continued to work on Self-Authoring, and strangely, I feel like I am doing it horribly. I am not writing nearly as much as I expected nor having any real insight. I think that maybe I would benefit from having had a mentor/guide through the process. I am doing it with my buddy, DEAN, which helps for accountability and discussion.

Also, lots of Inventory coming to eBay in July.

3). Happy Landon!

My son’s enthusiasm when I arrive home from work is possibly one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received in my entire life.

4). Recommended Media

Interesting thoughts from Desiring God on “How Do I Find God’s Will for My Life?”.

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Weekly insights from Jordan Peterson, on interesting developments in the Lindsay Shepherd matter and a How to listen to People Well.

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I recently had an article published at GAMING WITH SWAG, on Mega Man X

#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful to be a father, for my family and friends, a good boss, Jesus Christ, a good job with good coworkers, and another day of life !

This week, I was Focused on work whilst working and focusing on people when with people, helping my wife with whatever she needs when I get home from work, being hospitable at my desk,staying calm despite work pressure, embracing good in the present, and holding my tongue !

This week, I refused to Worry about arbitrary comparisons to others, challenges to pursuing what is best, money, my financial position, solving all personal problems today, when such things clearly take time, and all the ways I am damaged and broken!

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : Brand New FUNKOPOP Mr. Fred Rogers : once again, my main man Dean has provided a cheap piece of my collection. This is a great figure, no doubt, but what makes him so special is that Dean and I gave these to each other at an exchange. It must’ve been Christmas, as there would’ve been no other reason for us to exchange figures in such a fashion. Anyway, who is that I’m using moment, because he had bought me this pic card, and I had bought him a different card collectible parens I believe it was the look cute as a board collectible from diamond select toys. Anyway,, I remember distinctly Dean saying oh home for card, you will also get per card. I remember that Dean opened his gift first, and he was quite excited to get it. Then I open mind and we both can afford was laughter at the exchange of cards. I remember him very vividly saying, as soon as I opened it and I saw that it was per card, I thought oh man, you also will get the card. It was an absurd thought and sentence. And it was wonderful, as collecting should be. So yes, I have a card..