Weekly Reflection : 06/30/2018

I got nothing but smiles once I am into my morning routine!

So, I am going to warn you in advance: proceed at your own risk. This week, things got a bit dark. I do that.

On a light note before that looming cloud drops its maelstrom, I think it’s worth reminding all of us that God is real and perfect. Whatever he allows to happen, whatever he chooses to do, however he chooses to do it—he’s making the right call. Every. Single. Time. That’s what makes him God.

1). The Week in Brief “Not There Yet” No analogies today, friends. I’mma cut to the chase. I’ve been in therapy for about 9 months now, mainly for coping with anxiety, panic, and subsequent despair. Work was the catalyst for my getting help, and things there have been having going well. Of course, I had a fair amount of problems converse at once this week, and for 48 hours it got bad. I won’t bore you with details, but I’ll be transparent: I was in a bad spot, a spot so difficult I honestly could not remember the last time it was that bad. I tried to keep it together; and for the most part, I did. But malevolence reared it’s head, as did bitterness, envy, contempt, and a host of other negative emotions—not to mention that aforementioned anxiety, panic, and despair I’ve been striving to manage. It was a discouraging time to be sure. Others surrounding me showed grace, esp. my boy Dean. It was a rough go. Wherever I want to be regarding the whole “stress management” quest, I’m not there yet. And when I fail, things still get grim.

2). More Hope and Happenings

This week I saw The Incredibles 2. Other than a sequence clearly inspired by David Fincher’s Se7en , I was pretty meh about it. That one sequence was stellar, but I spent the entire movie unmoved and only kinda entertained.

Many people in my life keep telling me I don’t like movies. I think they may be right. It’s a rare thing for me to really love a movie these days—which is why BLACK PANTHER has been so meaningful to me.

I continue to work my way through Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life as well as the online Self-authoring program. More to come on that in the coming months.

I am also thinking of giving audiobooks a try.

3). Happy Landon!

I think one of my favorite parts of each day is when my son awakens in the morning and runs from his room to come see me. It’s been really special the passed few weeks. I don’t think anyone’s ever been so happy to see me in their lives as that boy is. Oh How our world would change if we would run to our Heavenly Father the way my son runs toward me

4). Recommended Media

Interesting thoughts from John Piper on Christ and Sovereignty.

Warren Farell’s TEDx Talk entitled, “The Boy Crisis: A Sobering look at the State of our Boys. As a Father of a two-year old boy, this was a sobering lecture.

Legit video about why the Characters Make Jurassic Park such a great film.

and this great piece about the Philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki

Toy Galaxy’s take on the state of the Action Figure hobby

A FAScinating 90-minute interview with Jordan Peterson

#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful for my morning routine, my dear son, my wife’s assertive honesty with me about my poor behavior, New Mercies from God each morning, the gospel !!!!

This week, I Focused on identifying and defeating my own malevolence, being hospitable to those who stop by my desk at work, being focused on each task I tackle, identifying malevolent thoughts as they occur and refusing to allow them to continue identifying and refuting thoughts of malevolence, envy, and bitterness in my heart !! !

This week, I refused to Worry about taking 5-7 minutes away from tasks in order to give folks my full attention when they come to my desk, about how I’ll feel tomorrow after eating popcorn dinner at the movies (I’mma savor every bite), my weakness , production metrics, holding unpopular opinions !!!!

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : T-800 from McFarlane Toys : I’ve been wanting to watch Terminator 2 this summer, . I intend to. Technically, this figure is from TERMINATOR 3, but it’s the only Arnold Shwartzneggar figue in my collection, and it’s close enough to his look in T2 to pass muster. Plus, I think it is the sole figure I own from my long time friend, Jason, so it’s got some real sentimental value.