Weekly Reflection : 07/21/2018

Yeah, this pic’s a day late.

Hello, hello. Also, welcome. Another week in 2018 has passed, and here we are tell of it. I’ve been thinking a bit lately about weekly schedules. Sure, I have a morning routine and am developing a mid-evening one, too; but my weeks remain relatively fluid. I have heard that some entrepreneurs  and business types have made a practice of not only scheduling their days but also making certain weekly routines as part of life’s ebb-and-flow. I am beginning to wonder if that’s worth adding into my own life.

We shall see. For more reflections, updates, and so forth, keep reading.

1). The Week in Brief “Ups, Downs, and the Space Between Them” Part of managing one’s life is being able to not only survive hardship but thrive through it or, at least, as the result of it. Life will be good, for a time, but it can also turn sour the next moment. Even as one embraces the good of the day, the night can bring with it hurt or stress. This week has been a microcosm of that duality for me in pretty extreme ways. Things are good in area A when I awake, but they go south by mid-afternoon. Then in the midst of their being hard, something turns them toward the better. I’ve been hyper-aware of this since last Sunday. My reactions have been mixed, at best; but they’ve been balanced—I’ve enjoyed the good tempered with caution and felt the wounds tempered with hope, which is an uptick from the mania-despair reactions of last year. So overall, a good week–not without its issues–but a good week.

2). More Hope and Happenings

I have many goodies on eBay right now.

I am really wrestling with a few aspects of integration these days: the toys, the faith, the selling, the writing, the blogging, the career, the home, etc. I’m in a great deal of prayer on these things and more, frankly. I’ve mentioned the circling (like HERE and HERE) our next step and move, I’m feeling like it won’t be clear until near Labor day.

3). Happy Landon!

This week, Landon has very much been into playing flying Superman and the Naboo Fighter I have on display. We sit in place and moves the figures or ship around above our heads like they are flying and making “swoosh” noises adds to the effect. I am trying to get him to walk with me so that they can “fly around the room”. We’ll se if we can make that happen this coming week.

Technically, it’s an candy dispenser, not really a toy, but I picked it up due to the chrome painting on the nose, which is cooler than any of the action figure releases.


4). Recommended Media

Interesting thoughts from Desiring God on Why God Sanctifies Us Slowly,  When Satan Tempts You to Despair and When God says “No” to our prayers.

An amazing TEDx Talk by Aaron Stark, an almost Mass-shooter

And a Full TED Talk regarding The Dangers of Youtube Kids 

Not sure what this is, probably some sort of goofy sitcom, but I am intrigued.

And two long-form interviews/panels from Jordan Peterson: the first at the 2018 Young Women’s Leadership Summit and another with an Irish show, THE DELVE. Also, here’s some additional insight regarding  on using money productively mapping your future , victimization , and a frame of reference for living.

#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful for sunrise and full mornings, the calm of dawn, God being in charge rather than me, time with family, drives through beautifulareas with the windows down, another day of life !!

This week, I was Focused on working hard, dreaming reasonably, enjoying my family, being grateful for small things, ending my workweek well, being a good friend !! !!!

This week, I refused to Worry about money, missed opportunities, how much I still want to accomplish in 2018, yesterday’s mistakes, passive aggressive comments directed at me when I have done nothing wrong, and being rejected for honesty!!!!!

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : Kenner SCORPION ALIEN . I first James Cameron’s ALIENS in 4th or 5th grade via a VHS taped recording of a television broadcast on channel 17. It was clearly edited, but still amazing!!! Although my initial engagement of the famed xenomorph was literally edited for content, the terror, thrills, and momentum were still on display. And at the time, Kenner was beginning to release their toy versions of the famed R-rated Cable hits of the time: Terminator 2, Aliens, and Predator. While I was visiting my Godmother Barbara, she took my to our local mall to get new toys to enjoy while I was visiting. I got this figure and Drake the heavy machine gunner. I got him because he was blonde, and I was blonde, so I figured he was  figure I could use as myself while fighting this critter. You cannot tell by the picture, but the toy has an “exploding” feature that allows it to break into parts like it was shot to pieces—-a pretty stellar play feature for a 10 year-old. Though I sold this figure to my local comic book store in my teens, I reacquired the figure at some point in the last few years—not sure how, but here he is. I look forward to sharing it with Landon in the years to come.