Weekly Reflection : 07/28/2018

Real Life Reaction to hearing that my son pee-pee’d in the Potty.


Thanks for stopping into my little corner of the internet.

It’s a beautiful day here in Wilmngton, DE. It’s hot, humid, and sunny. I love it. I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you love it, too.

I hope that you are living the life you want to live; and if you are not, I hope you are taking steps toward that end. Life is a gift that God has given us against all manner of statistical improbability. Savor it.

Here’s what’s up with me as I close this week.

1). The Week in Brief “You Versus You” A major aspect of self-assessment and therapy is coming to grips with the truth of oneself. Sometimes we bury the worst parts of ourselves because they are merely too painful to accept. This is a challenge for anyone, which is why so few people allow themselves to do it. The hardest thing I’ve been struggling to accept this week: I am my own worst enemy, and my better self can defeat the lesser self when I want to badly enough. My issue is that I rarely demand of myself what is necessary to succeed; therefore I default to letting the lesser self rule, and I pay as a result. And I have been paying for years.

2). More Hope and Happenings

I completed the first half of the FUTURE AUTHORING program. I had begun the entire Self-Authoring Suite in June, but I am so uncertain about the future, that the future authoring program intimidated me into inaction. I was glad to have finally finished at least a good portion of it.

Also of note, I got the LEGO from my parents’ house sorted by part. In two weeks My nephew(s) (and hopefully my niece) will come to our home to help choose what they would like before I distribute what I need to the remaining members of the family who want some of the bricks. So, that 2018 Goal should be met by end of August.

3). Happy Landon!

Today, Landon actually went pee-pee in his potty. We began “training” him yesterday, with less than stellar results. The process was exhausting, and our one victory was in our research. We learned a good bit about our son and each other. So between the two days, we’ve had an up-and-down run, but it’s gained us insight, and Landon earned a sticker on his potty chart. So, yeah, we are making it happen.

Also, as an updated to Last Week’s comments about flying toys. Landon and I have been enjoying the flight of Superman and the Naboo fighter the last three days, running from one end of the office to the other making swoosh noises. I knew my boy would catch onto the idea.

4). Recommended Media

Interesting thoughts from Desiring God on how to wage a war on Sulking and the fact that your marriage is worth the work.

[LANGUAGE CONTENT WARNING:] A fascinating discussion on stem cell use in modern medicine, with JOE ROGAN, Dr. Neil Riordan, and MEL GIBSON, of all people.

And the trailer for AQUAMAN, which has me interested and cautiously optimistic.

And weekly insights from Jordan Peterson, on why a person should not commit suicide.

#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful for my son; God, a being of ultimate transcendent truth in whom I place my trust; a morning routine that uplifts and encourages; time with my son; a new day to live and behave better than the day prior; and a good home!

This week, I was Focused on allowing myself to dream, dreaming of the future (again), finishing my short workweek well, being honest, being honest, and speaking encouraging words!

This week, I refused to Worry about rejection; my possible health concerns that are likely not serious; work that does not get finished, because I simply did not have the time; next year’s problems (since this year has enough); past mistakes that cannot be unmade; and my failure to engage others well on social media !

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : WaWa Truck : So, I love to haggle. Maybe it’s the hunter-gatherer in me. The process of both getting an item for less than the asking price, or getting paid for something at a profit is fun. And rewarding. I don’t mind earning 25% less than asking price if it means moving inventory, and the process is fun. This little gem is the result of a haggle. I am pretty sure that the vendor at the York Train Show (where I acquired the item) had a $12 dollar price tag. Maybe $10. I wanted it for $5, and I was unwilling to pay $9. We went back and forth for a full 10 minutes of looking, walking away, and returning when we finally settled on $8. Not sure what he paid, but I was happy. This is a nicely rendered little piece in the wonderful Wawa deco. And Landon likes it, too.