Stay strong

I put the below post together in May but for some reason, I never posted it. Not sure why. Seems it would have been worth doing. Here it is, updated and edited.

Today I’m going to be brief, or at least try. Here’s the bottom line: I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself personally for the last eight months. Between different self assessments, observations about my past and present, and therapy, I’ve been putting in the wrench time to build a better life.

I will have a lot more to say about this in the months to come, but for now I just want to drop this word of encouragement to anyone out there who is struggling, hurting, or feeling like you’re just not going to make it:

You can get through the current darkness, and you can get to a point where things are better. Will they be ideal? Absolutely not. If anything, on this blog I’ve made a point of acknowledging that life is hard and full of challenges. Human existence is rife with obstacles and hurdles. I have come to believe that the virtuous and happy person is not a person free of these trials and tribulations but rather someone whose life is grounded in the Lord, anchored with the sense of peace, and characterized by the ability to except these trials as they come and handle them in a way that makes the world a better place rather than a more chaotic one. Granted, I am not always that person, but I’m closer to being that person now than I was eight months ago. And I was closer to that person eight months ago that I was a year ago.

The point is this: I know it can feel like things will not get better, and I know folks can feel as though they are defeated from the moment they awake to the moment they close their eyes at night. I know this concretely, not merely conceptually; I have been one of them. The Lord is very good about giving us one or two moments of levity or joy throughout the day when we are open to them,  just to get us through one more hour during those hard times. But make no mistake, you can get through them, your life can improve, and you can be a major reason for the change. The manner in which you live can allow you to face the same set of environmental circumstances where you exist and engage them in a way that is not only less difficult but in some sense actually somewhat helpful. If not for you, then perhaps for the people around you.

So take heart, check out my weekly debriefs for some great video or podcasts recommendations that you can enjoy and possibly implement in order to make your life and this world better.

Thanks for reading, stay strong.