End of Week Reflection : 08/11/2018

Life is good right now—no other way to say it. Our family is healthy. We are engaged in each others’ lives. We enjoy spending time together.  My job is going well. Things are working. This is a time to savor as long as it lasts. And I did so this passed week. Here’s the debrief on it. 1). The Week in Brief “Take Chances; live well.” Last week, I thought I broke my friends’ heart. I confirmed this week that I did. But I think he is on the mend, as am I. Truth be told, when I am in a tough spot, I take it worse than I should. I am trying to correct this, but it will not be easy. This week, however, I at least made some strides , albeit in a different direction.

How? Well, for one, I shared my blog on Facebook, something I never do anymore. The post, entitled “Stay Strong” felt like the type of content I needed to share, so I did. And I believe it yielded some good to those who read it. I also learned last week that a distributor in Australia sold over a dozen copies of STRONGHOLD, and they received positive feedback about it.And for my nieces birthday, I decided to make up a birthday song just for her, which she apparently like to. Finally, I pulled my manager aside this week just to tell him I thought he was doing a good job. My performance has increased since his taking over our team, and I believe the improvement is directly tied to his style. I wanted him to know as much.

Writing a novel (and sending 25 copies to another content), blogging and sharing, and even speaking encouragement into another’s life are risky. They are not high-stakes risks, to be sure; but nonetheless, they are chances chances I took. They could have come to nothing or, in this era particularly, backfired terribly. But they didn’t. They helped. They helped others. And me—it was #Winning for everyone. And that’s this week in a nutshell: reflecting on taking a chance. Taking chances frightens us, but it rewards us as well—far more than we think. The very act of taking a chance itself is healthy; it shows us that we can. We may dare to do more than what is comfortable. Sometimes we even succeed and get what we want. In some more admirable cases, we even given to others what they want or, possibly, need.

This is no small thing; we never know how the good we do to or for another person can have a direct affect on their day, which can also affect the lives of every person with whom they too interact. You take a chance to encourage person A, adn they share that encouragement with persons B, C, and D. Maybe then person D “pays it forward” as well. Your act of courage gave others courage as well. That’s good living. One thing I have learned in the last year of self-reflection and improvement: writing, sharing, and encouraging puts me in my “pocket”. These are actions that make me feel “Right”, “aligned”, and “on course”. They are difficult for me to do. They require vulnerability. And time. Effort. Energy. But they are good for me, and I am learning, good for others. So, I guess I’ll need to just keep on doing them. That’s the good I can do fo the world, right now.


2). More Hope and Happenings. So, here’s some confessions: , I blew it on getting the second half of the FUTURE AUTHORING program finished this week.

Also, I failed to post about my current eBay listings. Frankly, many figures are now on eBay, and more will go live in the week to come! I said I would do more marketing, and I posted about the new listing on Instagram and Twitter, but I have should have done so here also.

I received permission from FIGURES.COM to publish articles I had written for them previously but are now archived…which means I will be able to get some good toy content up and running from September through Year-end.


3). Happy Landon! Today, I gave my wife some R&R away from the house, and I spent the better day with my son. He’s wonderful. WE played Cars; he helped me organize some boxes, and I introduced him to Veggietales. He’s a toddler, but he’s a great little boy (parents will understand what I mean).


4). Recommended Media

JOHN PIPER on how to properly look at “Errors” in the Bible

JORDAN B PETERSON interviewing an author and providing to his audience, “An Invitation to the Intellectual Dark Web….  And this great little mashup, courtesy of the internet A great brief video on the collecting hobby in my generation.

This video does not entirely mirror my experience, but it is close. And for move fans, this great video on the trailer industry!!


#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful for summertime mornings, having a toddler who enjoys cleaning up his toys, the fact that my life is better now than it was this same time last year, beautiful hues of sunrise, for friends and family, and my wonderful toddler son !

This week, I was Focused on accomplishing small tasks that need doing, doing a few things well, conquering a rough work task, listening, giving thanks, and giving my wife some much needed time to herself !

This week, I refused to Worry about my emotional and physical pains that I fear may not be remedied this side of heaven, all the things at which I am not skilled and have no need to be, how much money I need to make by end of year, anything, money, and all the small things I must do before a big event next weekend !

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : DIAMOND SELECT TOYS’ MARVEL SELECT ABOMINATION : In awe of the size of this lad. Absolute Unit. For those who get the reference, good job. For those who don’t. Google it. Full disclosure: I am not an Abomination fan. The character is basically just an Anti-Hulk, and his inclusion in the 2008 The Incredible  Hulk film was adequate but not game changing. This figure, however, changed things—at least for me. This behemoth weighs over 2 lbs, and stands far above most other figures in the 7″ scale for which it’s designed. It’s massive. And a bit generic, which is why it’s a great collectible. IF you love the Hulk and his rogues’ gallery, this is probably the best version of Abomination that will ever exist. But if you just like Monster figures, this is also one of the best you’ll ever acquire. And if you are not in the wheelhouse of either Hulk or Monsters in general, but figures overall are just a hobby of yours, well, this is a great addition to any collection. He’s just an epic collectible. I just sold one on eBay that I know was going to a home where it would be cherished and used for play by a child, an experience we’ll be mirroring in our place with Landon in about 2-3 years.