Weekly Reflection 08/18/2018

Well, in last week’s debrief I celebrated how well things are going.

I am glad I did because this week had its fair share of challenges. We are navigating them to be sure, but they were still obstacles we had to face. The best thing I learned this week is that I have the tools to manage my anxiety when tough patches come, and I can overcome the hurdles while running the course each day. That lesson alone made the obstacles valuable.

But this ability did not come quickly, easily, or in a vacuum. I learned that this week too.

1). The Week in Brief “It Takes Time” Most of us wish it were easier, this life we lead. It simply isn’t. Life is full of challenges, both trivial and severe. We hurt; we fall. We strive anew. And the striving takes time—real time—to manifest true improvement.

I am still doing well, but that wellness is not easy to maintain nor did I acquire the tools to manage it quickly. I have been in therapy for a year. I have be been making continual, incremental and useful changes for more than 8 months. I have spent hours reading, writing, and listening in order to better myself.

It’s taken time for me to leave be well, real time and effort and energy. But it has been worth it. Yes, it has most certainly been with it. Because the truth is that while improvement takes time, it is time well spent. Sure, the broader path of “just getting by”may be simpler in some respects, but that simplicity and perceived comfort are undone by the lack of health, the disappointment, and all the other negative emotions tied to living in chaos and fear.

All that being said, this week my feelings of doing well were challenged, but I had the tools to manage and maintain, leading to another good week. It took time to get to this point, but it was time worth spending, time invested in improving life not only for myself but others also. And that’s the purpose of living well, anyway.

2). More Hope and Happenings. I still have not completed the second half of the FUTURE AUTHORING program. This is getting embarrassing.

Also, I’m still failing to actually post here about new auctions, though I have many figures listed on eBay, and more will go live in the week to come! I said I would do more marketing, but I’m having difficulty discerning what’s affective and worth doing versus what isn’t.

3). Happy Landon! This week my son has not been napping well. I truly hope he is not giving up his afternoon slumber. I don’t think our houses is ready for that…

4). Recommended Media

JOHN PIPER on 6 ways to combat pride

JORDAN B PETERSON on meeting a murderer in prison. Plus, here’s an interview entitled , “An Invitation to the Intellectual Dark Web

AND IN A CRAZY twist, DESIRING GOD contemplating the fame of JORDAN B. PETERSON

Plus, here’s a great little piece of popculture art if you like music and Street Fighter 2  

And I thought it worthy viewing this interesting counter-culture look at BLACK PANTHER that certainly seems to have its heart in the right place. I don’t agree with the sentiments, but the author makes some observations work considering.

Finally, here’s A TEDx talk on Why MOMS have a hard time, from my hometown of Wilmington, DE

#onthedaily recap

This week, I was Grateful for the sounds of rain, my routines that help me manage anxiety, my wife, my Lord God in Heaven, good family doctor, and discovering new music !!

This week, I was Focused on overcoming fear and working hard , being grateful rather than resentful, making my wife’s birthday a good day, managing anxiety over appointments, ending my workweek well, and enjoying family !!

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : Pixar Cars by Mattel : when I first saw Pixar’s Cars, I thought it was fine. I have yet to finish Cars 2 though I tried twice. Cars 3 may have been my favorite new film of 2017. My connection to the brand has not been the film, however, but the toys (big surprise, right?). My dad loved ’em and they became his hobby for about 3 years. My nephews loved them, too. They and their grandpa (my dad) connected over them. Now my son loves the toys. He inherited most of his from me via eBay and garage sale funds. He and I play with them often. He will also inherit a number from my dad, as my nephews did. These will be his special cars from Grandpa. We’ll continue to play with those,together. I’ve come to love these toys, not just because they are fun and well made but because of my family connection; they are a part of my life (and a good one).

This week, I refused to Worry about daunting work items, money,complex tasks taking longer than I would like, about tomorrow’s workload, personal shortcomings regarding fashion, and tomorrow or it’s challenges !